Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 November 2011

Evening everyone

Hope everyone has had lovely days! I quite like Wednesday evenings as Thursday's are my favourite working day of the week, I try and treat Friday like a weekend day and thus make Thursday my Friday...even though I'm still working on Friday's lol, just seems to make the week go by a little easier! 

I'm so tired tonight, just going to update my iPod and get some rest! My knee is still so so painful, I honestly fall all the time, any one will tell you that, but I have never fallen this bad before :( It's all weeping and gross and bleughIneverwannawearheelsagain :( 

Has anyone been watching Top Boy? What do you think? It's all about Kano for me...even though his character is just so stupid and hot headed! It's Kidulthood/Adulthood though. 

Ahh that last one used to be my desktop picture like 5 years ago or something! Used to love his music, but I haven't really heard anything from him since London Town... maybe time to check him out again :-) 

Last thing, I am utterly obsessed with Little Mix (Formally Rhythmix) on X Factor. I only watched this weekends show last night but I just loved their performance to the point where I've had to download it. I don't know why but I am just so happy for them for getting so far instead of falling at the first hurdle like the other girl groups (which to be fair are always shit). I really hope they get further. I've really switched positions with Misha and Kitty, I actually don't mind Kitty now but I don't really like Misha. I don't think Sophie should have gone, I don't like the new guy in The Risk so not a massive fan of theirs this week... Not really liking Gary or his acts (Marcus is good though) and I really dislike Kelly! But Alexandra Burke gave me mega lolz with all her 'ok dot com' and all that talk. Everyone hates Alexandra and I don't really get why, I don't know one person who likes her! She was annoying but I don't mind her. I read that they are making a remake of The Bodyguard (this should NOT be happening - it's one of my fave films!) and Rihanna was lined up to play the Whitney role but pulled out and Alexandra is rumoured for it now. ANYWAY here is Little Mix's performance if you haven't seen it yet. 

ETA: This video is not the best at all but the others were all disabled on embedding. Better version here!

Who's your favourite act this year? 



  1. Love this post! Love Kano! He's hot stuff lol! And little mix are good! I hate Alexandra though! She thinks she's all uh.. Not the right time of night to be bitching buy hey!
    Lol! Xx

  2. I love Little Mix too, it's so nice to see a girl band get through! & one that's actually talented! I feel bad for Alexandra Burke, she's a good singer & I wish her all the best but her attitude is a little too diva for me! I really hope they don't re-make the bodyguard, it's on of those rare perfect films that should be left well alone! Love your blog! Following xx