Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday: 11.11.11

Hello lovers!

I know this is a very common saying for me right now but the sentence 'OMG I am so tired' could not be truer today. I went out last night for some drinks and a curry and we didn't make it to Akbars until 10.45. I won't lie, part of me hoped they said they were shut so I could just go home and hit the sack! But they didn't and by the time we had finished out food I didn't get home and to sleep until around 1am, and woke up wide awake at 5.30 so now its 11 I am well an truly ready for bed. 

A very windswept mirror shot in the last pub along our trip! I'm actually rather upset to be honest because I think looking at this picture my face has definitely put weight on. Part of me just can't wait to get back from NYC and start Weight Watchers again - I had a quick look on their site for something the other day and as sad as this sounds, I miss it! I miss having that pressure every week, I really need to go back and continue on with the diet.

This picture makes me LOL - the way I'm sat with my arms over my tummy so you couldn't see it looking fat has made my boobs look huge - I look like I'm auditioning for Jugs magazine or something stupid LOL. This is the peacocks top I got the other day and whaddya know - It is the most perfect colour match for Illamasqua's Stoic which I haven't had a chance to play with until now. 

The ceiling in the restaurant! I thought it was so pretty :-) 

 First round: Poppadoms, pickle tray with champagne! 

Looking forward to seeing some of the blogging/twitter girls tomorrow at the Leeds meet up, maybe do a little shopping, who knows! Can't quite believe it's less than a week to my holiday now.

Ooh also, I solved my hand luggage dilemma today! I realised that not only did I not know what hand luggage to take I also didn't have an everyday bag, so I picked up one I've been after from River Island for a while. It's a messenger bag in a gorgeous pale pink/peachy colour. It was £25 and when I first saw it online - I'd never seen it in store - I was a little unsure how big it would be. I rang today and managed to reserve one and someone at work nipped down to pick it up for me and its huge! I was planning on taking this and my studded bottom bag too but to be honest this will most definitely fit everything in for the plane. 


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Only a short post today. I can't believe I only have tomorrow and Friday and Monday and Tuesday left at work before I finally go away! Got so much left to do at work as well, I want to make sure I have literally nothing left when I finish and it's just seeming to be harder and harder to reach that point as there is so much to do! I also have NO idea what bag to take as hand luggage on the plane! I've just bought a new bag from River Island but its not really suitable to haul on a plane :/ New bag? :-) 

Feeling a little let down by a few different people today as well, you know when you think you know someone? And then something happens and you realise that actually, you don't know them that well at all. Yeah, that. It's been a strange day. Tomorrow will be better! I'm looking forward to tomorrow actually, going for a few drinks and food after work so that should be good. 

Who watched the final episode of TOWIE tonight? I loved it!! I can't believe Mark has left, it won't be the same without him I don't think. I even liked the twins tonight, don't know whats happened to me, I usually hate them! Did you like it? I seriously felt upset when Arg and Mark were crying! 

And as I don't like to do posts without pics, here's my last three instagrams:

Salmon fish cake, potato croquette type things, a few slices of pepperoni and kale. Love kale.

Jacket potato, pepperoni, cheese, and kale. Seriously. Obsessed with the kale.

Finished this book last night with a scone :-)


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

8 November 2011

Is it too early to start listening to Christmas songs yet?

One of my favourite episodes of Bones is in season 1 when they gang are quarantined in the lab over Christmas Eve. It features David Boreanaz in a vest for the most part so thats a big thumbs up, but it also totally makes me cry when their families begin to visit, and they can only speak to each other through the glass. 

Tori Amos version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas plays in the background and it is such an amazing version of the song. The song itself is my top favourite Christmas song anyway, sung by whoever, but this version is really haunting and I actually read she sang it after she'd lost her baby which is quite sad. Anyway I downloaded it after watching that episode again the other week and I'm a little ashamed to say I cannot stop listening to it. I know Christmas is 47 sleeps away according to my Christmas Countdown App..

But for me it seriously can't come quick enough! Well not Christmas day itself, I mean the whole time surrounding, I've said it many times before but for me once my birthday has been celebrated, and this usually works well because the weather is rubbish, I just start focusing on Autumn/Winter. I don't get how people can hate it! Sure it might be raining but look at all the Christmas lights around! The tree went up in Leeds City Centre last week and I believe the lights get switched on this Thursday. When I left work today at 4.30 it was so dark, I can't wait to be going home in the dark but lit up with festivity! I have even been known to walk the long way to the bus stop just to see more lights #loser

What are your views on this time of year? And when is it time to start listening to Christmas music?! 


Monday, 7 November 2011

7 November 2011

Evening lovers!

Just a short post today to show you the gorgeous earrings I recently bought on eBay which arrived today. 

Whilst scrolling through my Google Reader I came across this post of Louise's and instantly wanted the owl earrings she featured! Upon closer inspection I realised these were only £1.99 and so I purchased a pair. I wanted the blue ones more than anything so imagine my surprise when I received both the blue and brown eyed pairs! When I had another look at the listing it does say buy one get one free, shows how much I pay attention when spending my cash doesn't it!

I'm so pleased with the pair of these, they are cute and delicate and will look so cute, and for the price you just can't go wrong! There's a few other things I want from the sellers shop which is here. Anything catch your eye?


Sunday, 6 November 2011

6 November 2011

Good evening girls

Hope everyone has had wonderful weekends! My whole Saturday basically consisted of blitzing my bedroom! I threw away SO much stuff, cleared out around 1/3 of my wardrobe and at least 1/2 of my shoe collection! My wardrobe is looking a hell of a lot tidier and cleaner. I needed to go pick up a few essentials today so I went to Crown Point with my brothers. There's quite a few shops down there and I always manage to pick something up. I got a plain boring top from the Marks and Spencers Clearance Shop that is perfect for work with a skirt or trousers and it was only £4.50! 

I also spent quite a bit in Peacocks. Peacocks is one of those shops I literally never go in, the last time I went was over a year ago. I spent around £95, or £70+ with Alix's student discount. I got a new coat which pleased me, I wasn't looking for something major just something warm. I've just bought a Barbour jacket and although I'd had my eye on a gorgeous parka River Island are selling I didn't want to shell out a further £90 on top of the £80 I paid for the Barbour. The coat I got from Peacocks was just a long, warm duffel coat with a fur hood which will be good when it gets really cold. 

 Lolling at my face! It looks well stupid! I am in love with this top and already know that on the day we break up at work for Christmas (12 pm 23rd December, not like I'm counting or anything) I will be wearing this as the colour reminds me of Christmas!

I've been panicking for my trip to New York as I've heard it is now colder than originally expected and I don't own hardly any jumpers. I picked this up as it will be great to wear with something under and then my Barbour if I need to, plus it has a hood, although I don't think I would put it up, it's one of those crap hoods that makes me look like some kind of weird elf thing. 

Again keeping on the jumper/NYC subject, although I own a ton of cardis they are all really long and I think it just looks wrong and stupid to pair a long cardi with a shorter coat, so when I saw this in the G21 section in George I picked it up! It fits perfectly lengthwise under the coat and I am really pleased I found this. 

SO I think now, I have my coat, the above cardi and jumper and another very heavy jumper I think I'm kinda ready for my hols! I'm having a small shoe prob, I was going to wear Uggs but after a major blister problem last time I wore mine for a long period of time I don't think they are the right thing to take. Last time I went I actually ended up buying two pairs of trainers as my feet hurt so much but nowadays I literally live in leggings or skirts and trainers .. just look wrong with that combo. So I still need to address that... this week is my last full week at work! Cannot wait to just get away from everyday life for a bit, will be fantastic! 

On a final note, if you've not checked out Kirsty Louise's blog before there's never been a better time as the lovely lady is having a giveaway! Me mentioning this isn't an entry to the giveaway or anything, Kirsty is a lovely girl with a lovely blog and I just wanted to give her a little mention. :-)


Reading, Watching, Listening, Loving!

Haven't done one of these for a while and am leading a pretty boring life today so thought it would be nice to do this!

These are all the books I've been reading lately, out of the above seven there are only three I would want to pick up again: Love Always, Harriet Evans. I am a mega fan of all of Harriet's books and while this didn't match up to some of her others (namely Going Home and The Love of her Life) it was still a good read and looks good on my shelf with the rest of her books :-) The Time of our Lives by Imogen Parker was nothing like I had expected; I bought this book literally years ago and have never picked it up until now. It begins in 1953, at the Coronation, and is a bit 'One Day' ish in that it revisits the majority of the characters every year onwards. Each chapter represents the following year, and I didn't know until I reached the end and looked at some reviews on Amazon that this is actually the first in a trilogy, so I'm looking forward to picking the next one up. Finally I've just finished The Beach Hut by Veronica Henry tonight and it was pretty much the perfect easy read. Chick lit, but not as predictable as some chick reads are, each chapter again representing a different set of characters along the same beach in different huts - it's left me longing to go away now! 

Have you read any of the above? 

I've just finished watching the first series of Lipstick Jungle as well. I've been wanting to see this for a while so I popped it on my Love Film list. It was *OK*. I have to admit that it was the sort of thing I had on in the background - and paid much more attention when Kirby was on screen ...

He also plays Clay in One Tree Hill, and I've just noticed that series 8 is now available on Love Film - I've pushed that up onto high priority!

Will leave you with the song I've been listening to today, the new JLS one, what do you think? 

Ooh one last thing, I have joined Good Reads recently and am friendless so if anyone is on there and wants to follow or whatever it is you do on there, here is my profile. :-) 


Saturday, 5 November 2011

4 November 2011

Hello lovers

Hope everyone has had a good Friday! As I have been saying all week I am glad it is finally the weekend! Tonight for me has consisted of doing a little shopping on the way home, nothing major, just needed to nip to the White Rose Centre to pick up my money for New York, replace the battery in my watch and nip to buy my first Yankee Candle and a new camera! I've been undecided what to do for a while re the camera, as you will know if you have been reading my blog for a while that I bought one back in March I think it was now and lost it on a night out the first time I used it :( I've not replaced that one but have since bought my iPhone which is a far better camera then I could have imagined, and I really just use that now. But with New York looming in 16 days I don't feel myself without having a proper camera in my hand and a memory card to fill! So I picked up the Canon Powershot A3350 IS from Currys for £99 on sale from £159. 16 mgpx and lovely and sleek, can't wait to put it on charge tomorrow and take some snaps! 

Have you been splashing any cash lately? 


Thursday, 3 November 2011

3 November 2011

Hey girls

SOOO I've just finished watching Top Boy.. what did everyone think? Was a bit surprised by the ending and gutted about Leon! :'( It was quite good though although how I managed to stay awake I do not know because once again I am knackered! I am so looking forward to tomorrow night, get home, chill out and sleep in at the weekend! No plans this weekend thank god as well, I swear all this tiredness this week is because of London last week! I've been drinking like 2 1/2 -4 pints of water a day for the past two months or so and since last Friday I just haven't been drinking even 1/2 a pint...could that have something to do with my tiredness as well do you think? I really need to get back on it. 

Today was quite fun as one of my very close friends who I work with brought her daughter in. She's two in February and is so beautiful, we pinched her and kept her on reception most of the day with us and I just can't take the cuteness. 

She just walks around saying 'No Way!' or 'Why?' or 'Baby' allllll the time. and she can sing Justin Bieber's Baby which is toooo cute. I love her! So having her at work made the day go a bit better! 

Right going to hit the sack in the hope that I might get up early enough tomorrow to put some make up on...doubt it though :/ 


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 November 2011

Evening everyone

Hope everyone has had lovely days! I quite like Wednesday evenings as Thursday's are my favourite working day of the week, I try and treat Friday like a weekend day and thus make Thursday my Friday...even though I'm still working on Friday's lol, just seems to make the week go by a little easier! 

I'm so tired tonight, just going to update my iPod and get some rest! My knee is still so so painful, I honestly fall all the time, any one will tell you that, but I have never fallen this bad before :( It's all weeping and gross and bleughIneverwannawearheelsagain :( 

Has anyone been watching Top Boy? What do you think? It's all about Kano for me...even though his character is just so stupid and hot headed! It's Kidulthood/Adulthood though. 

Ahh that last one used to be my desktop picture like 5 years ago or something! Used to love his music, but I haven't really heard anything from him since London Town... maybe time to check him out again :-) 

Last thing, I am utterly obsessed with Little Mix (Formally Rhythmix) on X Factor. I only watched this weekends show last night but I just loved their performance to the point where I've had to download it. I don't know why but I am just so happy for them for getting so far instead of falling at the first hurdle like the other girl groups (which to be fair are always shit). I really hope they get further. I've really switched positions with Misha and Kitty, I actually don't mind Kitty now but I don't really like Misha. I don't think Sophie should have gone, I don't like the new guy in The Risk so not a massive fan of theirs this week... Not really liking Gary or his acts (Marcus is good though) and I really dislike Kelly! But Alexandra Burke gave me mega lolz with all her 'ok dot com' and all that talk. Everyone hates Alexandra and I don't really get why, I don't know one person who likes her! She was annoying but I don't mind her. I read that they are making a remake of The Bodyguard (this should NOT be happening - it's one of my fave films!) and Rihanna was lined up to play the Whitney role but pulled out and Alexandra is rumoured for it now. ANYWAY here is Little Mix's performance if you haven't seen it yet. 

ETA: This video is not the best at all but the others were all disabled on embedding. Better version here!

Who's your favourite act this year? 


1 November 2011

A webbed/spider candle in the pub last Thursday :-) 
 Moi :-)
 Picking up my train tickets for my journey to London on Friday :-)  
 Loving this song at the moment :-)
 An absolutely gorgeous pizza in London with Abby, Sinead and Steph :-) 
 Bumping into Matt Lucas in a taxi rank at the end of the night with Abby and Catherine
 Letting him have our taxi in return for a photograph with all three of us :-)
 Falling over outside the hotel on the way back :-( 
 Mega bruised, swollen , bloody and painful the next day :-( 
Enjoying lunch in the park, all warm in my new coat, reading a book = perfect :-) 

What have you lovelies been up to lately?