Thursday, 20 October 2011

York CCO

Last weekend I took a very rare trip to York Designer Outlet, and I have to admit pretty much the only reason I wanted to go was for the CCO! Last time I went (I have actually only been once!) there was nothing really interesting, I did come away with a MAC Mega Metal X Shadow but that was it, and I was very disappointed! 

This time however I was on my own so spent quite a while in there browsing everything, and picked up four things: 

The first thing I picked up was Painterly Paint Pot. I have never had a Paint Pot before and the only reason I picked it up is because it has been preached to me by Sinead who loves them! There was this and another, darker colour which I wanted too but thought I had better see how I liked this one first! 

The majority of MAC stuff was eyeshadows and there were quite a few I wanted but I had to restrain myself and just pick up two, the two I thought I would use most. The first was Tissueweight, which I think came from the Pret-a-Papier collection. I haven't used this one yet this week but it is such a soft, velvety shadow and is going to be great as a highlighter!

The next shadow I picked up was Sand & Sun which was from the To The Beach collection. I have used this everyday this week paired with a dark green/black shade and am in love with this! It is a barely there matte colour and you do have to put a few coats on to show up a decent amount but when you do it is perfect. Definitely my new favourite eye, with a bit of eyeliner and lots of mascara. They had most of the To The Beach eye shadows and I really wanted to pick up Firecracker as well. 

The final thing I picked up was on a bit of a whim. I recently finished my bottle of Studio Fix Fluid and wanted to try a new foundation, so whilst in London for the Illamasqua event I picked up NARS Sheer Glow. And I loved it! For the first day, until the bottle lid cracked off and over half the bottle spilled all over my bag, the office carpet, and NARS wouldn't do anything about it. Feeling so bitter about that had an effect on how I liked the foundation as stupid as that sounds, but the first time I had worn it I actually received three different compliments on how my face looked. But when it got near the end of me finishing what I had managed to rescue I had kinda turned to really hating it. It has made me skin so dry and flaky. And ironically, when I was colour matched for this the SA who took off my make up and then reapplied it told me I was using the wrong products for my face completely as I had 'very dry skin' - I don't. I occasionally get dry skin at the end of the year, but the rest of the time, my skin is normal. But now for some reason after using the Sheer Glow my face needs an absolute ton of moisturiser and is flaky as hell! So I really don't think I'll be going back to this. 0

Since I had spent £30 on a foundation and lost about £20 worth of it I didn't want to spend so much and picked up Revlons Colorstay. I have used this before and loved it but this time around, it was so thick! I could hardly blend it, the colour I had before was so dark, I really don't know how I got through a bottle of it. When I saw Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation at the CCO, with four shades to choose from, for £18, I ummed and aahhed for ages before deciding to bite the bullet and pick up shade 2. I honestly thought I was going to have to sell this on a blog sale or something but when I got it home I have to say - I am utterly in love with this! It is the most perfect shade for my face and looks amazing when paired with MAC MSF in Medium Plus. I'm so glad I decided to pick it up. 

Has anyone else picked up any bargains from CCO's lately? Which foundations are you loving right now? 


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  1. Fab haul lover!

    I went to the CCO week before last and picked up 2 mineralize blushes for like £12 each, such a bargain!

    I LOVE painterly, you know this! & contemplated getting a back up there and then but was a little short on the pennies at the time!

    So badly want to try double wear!