Wednesday, 26 October 2011

26 October 2011

Today has been a massive fail on the nail front!!! I have been so busy at work once again and by the time I'd got bathed and taken my polish of from yesterday then settled in front of last weeks TOWIE, followed by Frozen Planet, followed by tonights TOWIE, I'd tried about five different polishes and designs - all looking crapper than the last! So the final one I decided upon was taken from this tutorial and thought it looked relatively easy for 10.30 at night. And it was - it just hasn't come out looking as nice as I expected. And the pictures I have been trying to take truly make it look horrific - like a childs done it! so just the thumb nail I'm going to show you, which is by no means a good picture, but still. 

Supposed to be cartoon vampires! I hate them but I am too tired to begin once again! But a shining beacon is brought by excitement of the arrival of these...

Mega excited to use these, I ordered them on eBay yesterday and they arrived today! Gonna be using them tomorrow I think.

In contrast to yesterday when it was quite warm today it was absolutely freezing! Glove weather for sure now, I need to pick up a new pair! I think I've managed to stay on track with my food again today, for breakfast I had a bar, I cannot remember the name of them now - Natural bars perhaps? Full of nuts and fruit. I know they were 6 Weight Watchers points. For lunch I made a chicken and tomato sandwich and I drank two litres of water and a can of Red Bull, and for tea, a nice warm jacket potato with some beans and a bit of cheese and a quarter of a cornish pasty!

Has everyones day been OK?

Is anyone going to the Aussie event on Saturday? Let me know if I will be seeing you in the comments!



  1. The blood nails look amazing!! I need to start doing mine for Halloween - I might steal this idea! x

  2. That jacket spud dinner looks yummy hehee!! I also watched Frozen Planet but missed TOWIE grrr x