Monday, 24 October 2011

24 October 2010

Hey dolls!

Every Autumn I seriously get so excited for Winter and Halloween and Christmas, all the exciting things that happen at the end of the year. I've been looking at loads of nail art lately and thought I'd kind of start doing the daily posts that I did in August again now, and also do a different Halloween nail art themed post each day, just to get me more excited! 

So I have started off my week with pumpkin nails. It is kind of a bit messy but at the end of the day...pumpkins aren't every neat and tidy! 

What do you think? I found it quite hard doing the black as the one I used was a polish with a very long thin brush and my hand was wobbling all over the place! The products I used were:

Top coat: Revlon Extra Life. Orange: Nails Inc Atomic by Fabulous. Stalks: NYC Little Italy followed by a lime green, no name product I picked up in another country pharmacy! And pumpkins NYX, just a black nail art one. 

Any ideas what I can do the rest of the week? 

I had today off work to go shopping with Sinead and it was fantastic! Although very stressful as my bus didn't arrive so our hopes of breakfast being relaxed didn't happen, and we didn't find the coat we officially went for anywhere, and Sinead could not find any clothes... it was still brilliant. Pics from today, basically what my day consisted of: 

 Trying this coat on in River Island for my mum! Seriously, this is heavy. Straight pulled my back out bending over to get my bag in this beauty!!

Almost buying these beauties in New Look. £25!!! They are beautiful. Slightly tacky, but who doesn't love a bit of tack during the holiday season! Or all year round... the only reason I passed these by was the height. These are hight. And the platform is mega. If I decide to go back and buy these to wear at the Aussie party on Saturday, someone needs to be willing to spend the night in A+E with me because I know what I'm like.

Way to end the day! Retired to the public house at 4pm for much needed refreshments.

We also managed a quick stop in Lush as we wanted to check out the Halloween stock. I picked up two things:

 Lady Catrina is the seasonal soap and smells amazing. It's very citrusy and is described as 'fruit pastilles and freshly cut limes' - and I loved this little 'history lesson' from the website!

Lady Catrina (or La Calavera Catrina) was an etching by José Guadalupe Posada that he made in the early twentieth century to parody that the rich and fashionable, despite their pretensions to importance, are just as susceptible to death as anyone else. Since then, Lady Catrina has become an iconic image for the Day of the Dead celebrations. 

Skullduggery is the bath bomb released with the Halloween produce and although not very noticable on my photographs the eyes are red love hearts. Very Alexander McQueen!! Again another citrussy/lime smelling product this is very refreshing smelling and I cannot wait to use it! 

Have you picked up any of the Halloween specials from Lush, or got into the spooky spirit lately? 



  1. Love those nails. I was after some gold glittery shoes and I did look at those but I just don't think I could walk in them. Also I hate shoes being too high even though I am only 5ft 2in I feel like a giant when I wear them and it feels odd.

    They do look very sparkly though xx

  2. Those shoes are amazing! Might have to get myself some! Love the pumpkin nails, so cute! xx

  3. The shoes have character and I'm sure they'd compliment a festive/holiday outfit just perfectly!!!
    Did you end up getting them?