Saturday, 24 September 2011

September so far in pictures

 Prawn and pepperoni bean sprout stirfry
 Very gorgeous but badly decorated home made buns! The decorating thing wasn't happening for me!

 12 gorgeous Glamour Glaze Krispy Kreme's that I won in Lauren's giveaway! Thank you so much!

Jacket potato with cheese and pepperoni and lots of kale!

 Me and my homegirl
 My gorgeous kitty Milo
 Bellini O'Clock!
 A gorgeous rainbow! So much brighter in real life, couldn't capture it! 
 Lunch time quorn chicken wraps! 
 Friday night drinking sessions after work <3
 Pretty much what I've lived off lately - Red Bull and pain au chocolate for breakfast, bagel and soup for lunch!

And finally an immense garlic, chilli and prawn pasta dish I made! Think I will have to leave the chillis out next time because it was oh so hot! But the garlic prawns were amazing!! 

All my photos are of food!! I want to try and do a monthly picture collection I think, picture posts like these are my favourite kind of ones on other peoples blogs? It's because I'm a very nosy person! 



  1. All the food looks great! I've never thought of having pepperoni in jacket potato before sounds like it'd be tasty! xx

  2. Mrs you've made me starving!!!! I've been pretty much living off of quorn chicken lately, the southern fried burgers are amazing in a wrap ;) You and Sinead both look gorgeous in that photo xx

  3. I always love your photography, don't worry, I can't decorate cakes either! x

  4. I love these kind of posts too, I'm hungry just looking at your pictures, the food looks yummy!

    Sadie xx

  5. It's 7:01pm here, I haven't had dinner yet and your post is making me super hungry! =)