Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Right About Now

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, and as I was changing bags over earlier I thought I'd photograph all the make up currently residing in my handbag!

I was actually pretty surprised to see almost half of my MAC collection in my bag! I couldn't make a decision on lipsticks last week it seems!

I have been getting a lot of use out of this combo recently - MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW20), MSF (Medium Plus) and the MSF I picked up here, along with Illamasquas Rude Cream Blusher.

 Urban Decays 24/7 liner in Zero is my go to, always in my make up bag eyeliner. I even have two in there for some reason! Maxfactors False Lash Effect Mascara is a huge favourite, second only to Benefits Bad Gal. I am carrying all of my Precision Ink Liners around with me at the moment because it changes on a daily basis which one I use!

I was sent this pencil around a year ago. It is the Illamasqua Medium Pencil in the shade 'Cane'. When I received it I really didn't think I would use it, and basically left it untouched for a long time. But when I rediscovered it recently I decided to try it out and I am so pleased I did. This for me is everything that Benefits Eye Bright isn't. Everyone raves on about Eye Bright and it does not suit me and was a huge waste of my money (especially knowing they gave it away free with a magazine last year!) but this is perfect, absolutely perfect. It makes my eyes look wide awake and is just my perfect eyeliner. 

I managed to pick up this palette when I was in London and have been using it every day since then. I don't own the Naked palette but have been considering it lately, and have felt myself wanting to use more neutral shades, but rather than splash out money I don't have on the UD one I thought I'd go for this first. For the price of this palette (around £5) the colours and quality of the shadows are brilliant! I tend to use the 4th on the top row followed by the second on the top row together with my Havoc Illamasqua liner, a touch of UD Zero on the top and Cane on the waterline the most! 
Nails are currently Nails Inc In Style Coral which is one of my favourite shades. I'm really feeling darker more Autumnal shades at the moment though, really need to search through my stash to find some!



  1. That all lives in your handbag?! Lol that's pretty intense! I love your posts like these, maybe cuz I'm nosy ;P

  2. just found ur blog through another (oh, dollymix) and i love it! am now following you on bloglovin x


  3. I really like posts like this! So interesting to see what you carry in your bag :) And whoa, that's a lot of lipsticks haha <3


  4. Love the coral nails, lady! And I've never heard of MUA but that palette looks amazing ... is it more shimmer or does it have a more matte finish? (I'm always into neutrals for life lol). Missed you lots -- it's almost time to watch 'Serendipity' again teehee :D