Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Payday Wishlist!

This post is completely inspired by Sinead in more than one way! Firstly, she has twice now posted her payday wishlist on her blog (and most likely bought it all if I know my homegirl well enough!!), but secondly she has made me completely obsessed with Topshop.

Topshop is one of those places that I can go months without going in, and the majority of the time I think it is very overpriced for what it is, but I have the odd little blip where I want pretty much everything on the site. Sinead has recently bought not one, not two but now three of the blazers currently sold at Topshop, one in black, one in nutmeg and I do believe a pale pink but I may be wrong. She let me try her black one on when I saw her last week and I was sold, ready to buy one, but when I've checked tonight they are no longer available! I have seen one a little similar in Dorothy Perkins though so I may have to scope that one out. 

I get paid tomorrow and here are some bits I am hoping to purchase, along with some basic jumpers for work now the weather is getting a little colder! 

There are some pieces I wouldn't mind picking up from River Island but as there is a Student Shop In coming up I think I'm gonna hang fire for that and see if any of these pieces are still in store! Blouse, Bag, Shoes.

Last year I picked up a cardi from Topshop that is so warm and cosy and I actually wore today, so has lasted well! I think this year this is my Topshop cardi of choice! I seriously cannot wait until Wednesday to get my ass in that shop and find this beauty! I also love this blouse for work but I just don't know if it is worth £34.00 ...

I have had these shoes set as my homepage so that every night when I come on my laptop I will see these and buy them. I have wanted some shoes like Amy Winehouses' ballet pumps for ages and nothing seems suitable but I think these may actually be the thaaang! Gonna pop a couple of pairs in my basket - I've read reviews saying people have them in other colours but they only have these ones on the site? Again I love this top for work and at £22 it's a bit more affordable than the pink one. 

I am job hunting at the moment and I'm already planning in my head the kind of work wardrobe I want when I get new pastures! I've got lazy with where I am now and my clothes I find boring...I don't even have a proper going out wardrobe any more, my going out tops have been incorporated into my work wear, it's ridiculous! Now it's a new season I really want to throw out all the rubbish and bring the new stuff in, with a strict line between work and going out wear! Does anyone else have this problem?!



  1. I definitely have this problem - all my clothes get worn for everything! A dress I have worn on a night out will become a dress I've worn to work with tights and a blazer.. meaning I don't feel like I can wear it on a night out again if that makes sense! Argh!
    I am also applying to lots of new jobs... as soon as I get one I'm totally going to buy some new season pieces :D xxx

  2. I like the lilac and the fluffy bag. I totally agree with you on the overpriced items at Topshop and I have noticed their items sell out really quick and whenever there is sales it's usually the price the clothing should have been to begin with. You will totally get a blazer, they always come in and out of shops.
    Great post though.


  3. I have those pumps and they are fabulous so comfy and look really girly xx

  4. I don't get the option of wearing my own clothes to work (makes getting ready in the mornings easier but very boring!)
    I *need* that cardigan. It may have to be my cardigan of the season too!x