Sunday, 4 September 2011


Hey dolls

Just a quick post to show you the current nail polish I'm rocking and loving! 

The polish I'm talking about is Models Own Pink Fizz. These pictures really don't do the polish justice. This is two coats and as with the rest of the Models Own glitter polishes I own its a thick, pure glitter polish. It's hard wearing and doesn't chip and of course is an absolute bitch to remove! It's perfect for day and night and I'm glad I picked this up, a pink glitter was a big missing hole in my polish collection!

Do you own this one?



  1. Love that colour its gorgeous xx

  2. I love this , it looks so pretty. Ive ordered it and cant wait for it !xx

  3. I love this! So pretty and girly :)

    I need more glitter polishes in my collection xx

  4. Oh noooooooo! I may just have to get that. Amazing is not the word! :-O
    It may actually encourage to grow my nails long rather than biting them at a certain length when I get stressed :'(.

    I love proper glittery polishes. So many look great in the bottle but absolutely rubbish and insipid on your nails. Love this :o).

    Surprisingly, Boots No 7 range have some fab colours. I have my eye on a couple but they're about £7 each soa bit of a splurge for me :-/.

    PS, your MAC lipstick collection is something to be coveted and I may just come and swipe them sometime :-P :-D xx.

  5. I've ordered this during Model's Own 50% off sale but I'm STILL waiting for my order to show up! So glad I picked this one!x

  6. Oooh thats so pretty!! It would be perfect for a special night out with a little black dress or something! Love it xx

  7. Do you know, I almost bought this the other day, but my nails are in such a state and in desperate need of a professional manicure that I thought no, I'll just wait. Now I wish I had bought it!

  8. Love!! I've just bought my first 3 Models Own polishes, and after only trying one so far I'm already hooked! x