Saturday, 24 September 2011

Haworth Vintage Fair 2011

Last year me and Lauren stumbled across the Haworth Vintage Fair, which is held on the August Bank Holiday weekend - I think they may be held more than once a year but this is the one we decided to go back to this year! I seriously love Haworth and would love to live there, I think it's amazingly cute and quaint and I love the shops! I took a few snaps on the day and bought a couple of things so I thought I'd give you a little peek. 

 There were three singers outside Rose & Co Apothecary and they sounded brilliant, luckily they just missed a pretty big downpour literally seconds after they'd finished packing up! Rose & Co is definitely one of my favourite shops, I love the one in Leeds but this has to be my favourite because of the actual shop itself. 

Lauren in the Hall the fair itself was held in. I have to say I thought last years event was better, there seemed to be less stalls and less things to buy, and they were missing the amazing solo singer on stage this time around who really made the whole thing feel special!

At the bottom of the street there was bunting up and it was really busy, there were a lot more vintagey/antiquey shops open this time around and I loved rooting through them! I didn't pick up too much stuff although I was totally on the look out for housey things I could save until I move out next year, but the only thing I got in that aspect was a large poster, with Audrey Hepburn that I am thinking of framing.

I picked this cute love heart/key necklace up from the fair on sale, it should have been £15 and she said I could have it for £3.50 so I was impressed with my bargain! It's simple and gorgeous.

One of the things I love about Rose & Co is that not only do they sell all the old styled beauty products, and old fashioned remedies etc, they also have a food section and a bath section. The store in Haworth has now been revamped, and all the food is now in the doorway, and I couldn't resist picking up something just for the nice packaging! The bath products are now in there own little section a little like a separate shop and it smells amazing. The products are just gorgeous if you're into that kind of thing - I got then ten balls for £2.50 I think, and then the other two products were around £3 each. The one that looks like a macaroon - *dies*!

Passion is a store that sells all kinds of jewellery, hair pieces, fancy little clutches/purses etc, on the main street. I have picked some things up from there before but they never seem to last long, and by long I mean they literally broke after a day, which is a real shame. This time, I'm not sure if the shop was closing down, because every single thing was being sold off, so it would appear so. I forgot about the past problems and picked up the above ring and two bangles for less than £10. True to form, the first bangle broke after about 5 hours wear, and I've only worn the green one once but can feel that it's not going to last much longer! The ring is lovely but very big, it's the kind of thing I put on in a morning and have to take it off by 10 am because it's irritating!

All in all it was a lovely day and I can't wait to return once again! Is anyone else a major fan of Haworth like me?



  1. love all the photographs & those bath products look amazing! Must check out Rose & Co xxx

  2. I love Haworth, I'm originally from Keighley but now live in Manchester. I love Rose & Co too, plus the little chippy down the side street!

  3. Love all the photos, your purchases look great - especially the jewellery and bath products :)

    I'd love to go to something like this, may have to see if there's anything similar my way xx

  4. Oooh this is just my kind of thing. Looks like you had a lovely time and picked up some pretty things. Nice photos Carla x

  5. @Kia - Yes you must! It's amazing! <3 xx

    @ Toni - I've never been to the chippy! I love all the little foodie places :) xx

  6. @ Sarah - Thanks hun! xx

    @ Lauren - Thank you hun! xx