Sunday, 11 September 2011

Photos taken from various tumblr accounts. 

Can't quite believe its 10 years ago. I can guarantee you that every single year I know I will be sat watching the programmes, crying, still feeling so...unbelieving that it happened at all, let alone so long ago now. 



  1. I can't believe it's been ten years already. I went to Ground Zero on Sept 11th 2009 and it was so unbelievably sad. So many memorials and the street was filled with people placing flowers and such. So, so, sad.

  2. I watched the memorials yesterday and cried my eyes out.

    When that girl said she has lost her father I just felt so much sadness for everyone who lost someone they loved and for all those that died.

    Lovely photos too apart from the top one that photo haunts me its just such an horrific day.

    I really want to visit New York next year and will definitelt visit Ground Zero but I feel it will be extremely emotional xx

  3. The photo with the words 'reflect' on was just so good. very thought provoving and so well done xx