Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Payday Wishlist!

This post is completely inspired by Sinead in more than one way! Firstly, she has twice now posted her payday wishlist on her blog (and most likely bought it all if I know my homegirl well enough!!), but secondly she has made me completely obsessed with Topshop.

Topshop is one of those places that I can go months without going in, and the majority of the time I think it is very overpriced for what it is, but I have the odd little blip where I want pretty much everything on the site. Sinead has recently bought not one, not two but now three of the blazers currently sold at Topshop, one in black, one in nutmeg and I do believe a pale pink but I may be wrong. She let me try her black one on when I saw her last week and I was sold, ready to buy one, but when I've checked tonight they are no longer available! I have seen one a little similar in Dorothy Perkins though so I may have to scope that one out. 

I get paid tomorrow and here are some bits I am hoping to purchase, along with some basic jumpers for work now the weather is getting a little colder! 

There are some pieces I wouldn't mind picking up from River Island but as there is a Student Shop In coming up I think I'm gonna hang fire for that and see if any of these pieces are still in store! Blouse, Bag, Shoes.

Last year I picked up a cardi from Topshop that is so warm and cosy and I actually wore today, so has lasted well! I think this year this is my Topshop cardi of choice! I seriously cannot wait until Wednesday to get my ass in that shop and find this beauty! I also love this blouse for work but I just don't know if it is worth £34.00 ...

I have had these shoes set as my homepage so that every night when I come on my laptop I will see these and buy them. I have wanted some shoes like Amy Winehouses' ballet pumps for ages and nothing seems suitable but I think these may actually be the thaaang! Gonna pop a couple of pairs in my basket - I've read reviews saying people have them in other colours but they only have these ones on the site? Again I love this top for work and at £22 it's a bit more affordable than the pink one. 

I am job hunting at the moment and I'm already planning in my head the kind of work wardrobe I want when I get new pastures! I've got lazy with where I am now and my clothes I find boring...I don't even have a proper going out wardrobe any more, my going out tops have been incorporated into my work wear, it's ridiculous! Now it's a new season I really want to throw out all the rubbish and bring the new stuff in, with a strict line between work and going out wear! Does anyone else have this problem?!


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Emoji Micro Pedi

Hello dolls! A little break from the norm today as instead of constant ramblings and pretty pictures I have a small review for you on a nifty little product I was recently sent. 

I've mentioned plenty of times before my obsession with foot products, I've tried literally so many different branded lotions and potions over the years and always have a good few on the go in the quest to have lovely smooth feet! However bad eczema and very dry skin always manages to put a dampener on this so called quest! I have been to a chiropodist once before and although my feet were lovely and smooth afterwards this did not last very long, and having to go again and again would be pretty costly! 

I was contacted by Lauren from Pegasus PR who offered to send me the Micro Pedi for review. Described as the safe, portable pedicure device I was definitely intrigued by if it worked or not...as we all know there are a lot of products out there that claim to be something they are not!! 

With two interchangeable rollers (red for coarse skin, blue for extra coarse), you slot in two AA batteries at the bottom and flick the on switch, holding the pedi against your foot. In effect it works in the same way a sander would, the roller you have chosen just 'sands' away at the dry skin on your feet leaving them polished and smooth. Just like pumicing your feet, or using a ped egg, only with it being battery powered it goes a lot faster than you would be able to, therefore getting rid of a lot of skin within a matter of seconds!

I have used this around twice a week since I received it and my feet are definitely looking better than before. It  doesn't hurt at all, it kind of tickles, and you literally just hold it to the skin for a few seconds and you will see not only the grossness of all the skin coming off (yeah...I'd suggest sitting in the garden for this one!) but results on your feet instantly due to the buffer effect. To clean it just rinse it under water. 

I'm seriously impressed with this product and think for people who don't have the money or perhaps the time to go to a chiropodist or for a pedicure this is the perfect kind of gadget to own. Or even for people who don't like people touching their feet! (I fall into all three categories here!)

The Micro Pedi is available from pharmacies and health stores or online at Lifes2good. It retails at £39.95 which may seem a little pricey but to go for this kind of thing done professional only around twice would usually outweight the price of Micro Pedi, and with this you will be able to use it as many times as you need to! 

What do you think of this product, would it be something you would be interested in? 


Saturday, 24 September 2011

September so far in pictures

 Prawn and pepperoni bean sprout stirfry
 Very gorgeous but badly decorated home made buns! The decorating thing wasn't happening for me!

 12 gorgeous Glamour Glaze Krispy Kreme's that I won in Lauren's giveaway! Thank you so much!

Jacket potato with cheese and pepperoni and lots of kale!

 Me and my homegirl
 My gorgeous kitty Milo
 Bellini O'Clock!
 A gorgeous rainbow! So much brighter in real life, couldn't capture it! 
 Lunch time quorn chicken wraps! 
 Friday night drinking sessions after work <3
 Pretty much what I've lived off lately - Red Bull and pain au chocolate for breakfast, bagel and soup for lunch!

And finally an immense garlic, chilli and prawn pasta dish I made! Think I will have to leave the chillis out next time because it was oh so hot! But the garlic prawns were amazing!! 

All my photos are of food!! I want to try and do a monthly picture collection I think, picture posts like these are my favourite kind of ones on other peoples blogs? It's because I'm a very nosy person! 


Haworth Vintage Fair 2011

Last year me and Lauren stumbled across the Haworth Vintage Fair, which is held on the August Bank Holiday weekend - I think they may be held more than once a year but this is the one we decided to go back to this year! I seriously love Haworth and would love to live there, I think it's amazingly cute and quaint and I love the shops! I took a few snaps on the day and bought a couple of things so I thought I'd give you a little peek. 

 There were three singers outside Rose & Co Apothecary and they sounded brilliant, luckily they just missed a pretty big downpour literally seconds after they'd finished packing up! Rose & Co is definitely one of my favourite shops, I love the one in Leeds but this has to be my favourite because of the actual shop itself. 

Lauren in the Hall the fair itself was held in. I have to say I thought last years event was better, there seemed to be less stalls and less things to buy, and they were missing the amazing solo singer on stage this time around who really made the whole thing feel special!

At the bottom of the street there was bunting up and it was really busy, there were a lot more vintagey/antiquey shops open this time around and I loved rooting through them! I didn't pick up too much stuff although I was totally on the look out for housey things I could save until I move out next year, but the only thing I got in that aspect was a large poster, with Audrey Hepburn that I am thinking of framing.

I picked this cute love heart/key necklace up from the fair on sale, it should have been £15 and she said I could have it for £3.50 so I was impressed with my bargain! It's simple and gorgeous.

One of the things I love about Rose & Co is that not only do they sell all the old styled beauty products, and old fashioned remedies etc, they also have a food section and a bath section. The store in Haworth has now been revamped, and all the food is now in the doorway, and I couldn't resist picking up something just for the nice packaging! The bath products are now in there own little section a little like a separate shop and it smells amazing. The products are just gorgeous if you're into that kind of thing - I got then ten balls for £2.50 I think, and then the other two products were around £3 each. The one that looks like a macaroon - *dies*!

Passion is a store that sells all kinds of jewellery, hair pieces, fancy little clutches/purses etc, on the main street. I have picked some things up from there before but they never seem to last long, and by long I mean they literally broke after a day, which is a real shame. This time, I'm not sure if the shop was closing down, because every single thing was being sold off, so it would appear so. I forgot about the past problems and picked up the above ring and two bangles for less than £10. True to form, the first bangle broke after about 5 hours wear, and I've only worn the green one once but can feel that it's not going to last much longer! The ring is lovely but very big, it's the kind of thing I put on in a morning and have to take it off by 10 am because it's irritating!

All in all it was a lovely day and I can't wait to return once again! Is anyone else a major fan of Haworth like me?


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Right About Now

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, and as I was changing bags over earlier I thought I'd photograph all the make up currently residing in my handbag!

I was actually pretty surprised to see almost half of my MAC collection in my bag! I couldn't make a decision on lipsticks last week it seems!

I have been getting a lot of use out of this combo recently - MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW20), MSF (Medium Plus) and the MSF I picked up here, along with Illamasquas Rude Cream Blusher.

 Urban Decays 24/7 liner in Zero is my go to, always in my make up bag eyeliner. I even have two in there for some reason! Maxfactors False Lash Effect Mascara is a huge favourite, second only to Benefits Bad Gal. I am carrying all of my Precision Ink Liners around with me at the moment because it changes on a daily basis which one I use!

I was sent this pencil around a year ago. It is the Illamasqua Medium Pencil in the shade 'Cane'. When I received it I really didn't think I would use it, and basically left it untouched for a long time. But when I rediscovered it recently I decided to try it out and I am so pleased I did. This for me is everything that Benefits Eye Bright isn't. Everyone raves on about Eye Bright and it does not suit me and was a huge waste of my money (especially knowing they gave it away free with a magazine last year!) but this is perfect, absolutely perfect. It makes my eyes look wide awake and is just my perfect eyeliner. 

I managed to pick up this palette when I was in London and have been using it every day since then. I don't own the Naked palette but have been considering it lately, and have felt myself wanting to use more neutral shades, but rather than splash out money I don't have on the UD one I thought I'd go for this first. For the price of this palette (around £5) the colours and quality of the shadows are brilliant! I tend to use the 4th on the top row followed by the second on the top row together with my Havoc Illamasqua liner, a touch of UD Zero on the top and Cane on the waterline the most! 
Nails are currently Nails Inc In Style Coral which is one of my favourite shades. I'm really feeling darker more Autumnal shades at the moment though, really need to search through my stash to find some!


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Photos taken from various tumblr accounts. 

Can't quite believe its 10 years ago. I can guarantee you that every single year I know I will be sat watching the programmes, crying, still feeling so...unbelieving that it happened at all, let alone so long ago now. 


Illamasqua: Theatre of the Nameless

Last week I was invited to the launch of Illamasqua's latest collection, Theatre of the Nameless. It was a fantastic event held in LVPO Bar in London.

I'm always a big fan of the collections and this one is definitely my favourite. The collection takes its inspiration from Anita Berber, a German dancer, actress, writer and prostitute in the 1920s. The room the event was held in a was very dark, deep red velvet tablecloths, flickering lights and the new collection out for us to have a play with. 

The collection has a few different changes too this time; shimmer blushers and nail varnishes with a different, rubber like finish. There is literally so much I want to pick up from this come payday! Heres some of the collection more in depth. 

Lipglosses in the colours (from left to right in the first photograph) Facade, Violate and Bella Donna. Whilst Violate isn't a colour I would wear (the green one), I was really interested in Facade and would definitely wear Bella Donna! I am a sucker for bright pink lip products. These retail at £13.

We spoke about these nail varnishes before the event and after I'd seen the pictures I thought I might like the pink/red one, and really can't say I thought much about the brown one. However, after seeing these in front of me I seriously want them all! The colours are all gorgeous and I can't help but think the green would be perfect for Autumn/Winter. From left to right, Taint, Kink, Vice and Faux Pas. These are £13.50 each and swatches can be found here

After venturing into the pigments recently I kinda fell in love with the one up there in the middle when I saw it - Berber. I would also never usually look twice at the one on the end, the black Zeitgeist, but after getting the two mixed up on the same brush I loved the look it gave! These cost £15.50. You can see a really rubbish swatch of Berber here that I took. 

We were also given a personalised bag with three products from the collection and I was definitely pleased with what I received! 

There are two new cream pigments released, Androgen, a peach, coral colour, and Depravity, a violet, purple. I was lucky enough to be given Androgen. I've put the promo picture up of Androgen as well as the pics I took as I think my photo has come out looking a lot more redder than it actually is!

I also received one of the shimmer blushes in Morale, a gorgeous deep plum/pink colour. I haven't tried this out yet but if they're anything as pigmented as the other Illamasqua blushers I'll definitely need a light hand applying this! 

Finally, I've raved about the Precision Ink liners currently available so was super excited to receive the latest one, Havoc. It's an aubergine colour, a deep purple that looks almost black. I have been using this every day since I got it! 

Apologies for the ratio of PR photos to my own, the lighting was very dark in the event. I did paint my nails each colour and perfectly kept my hand straight until I got outside into the light, where I promptly scuffed my nails getting my camera out!! 

Theatre of the Nameless is available now. Have you picked anything up from the collection yet?