Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3 August 2011

I very nearly couldn't be bothered coming on the laptop tonight to write todays happenings, I am soo tired! But I did and now I'm kind stuck on Pinterest looking at pretty pics and have a feeling I won't be hitting the sack any time soon...

So you all know what Wednesday is right? Weight Watchers! Food wise today I had a bowl of Krave for breakfast, I am seriously addicted to this. It used to be my weekend breakfast, I never usually eat it through the week (worst meal of the day, I really don't understand people who say its the best) until we ran out a few weeks ago and I've been craving Krave (lol) for a few weeks now so picked up a box this morning. For my dinner I kept it light with some new Ryvita Thins and salsa and sour cream dips. I'm not the sort of person who loads dips up on my dipping item of choice, I literally dab it in once and sometimes thats too much, and worked out over a few days the points in this is hardly anything. I think the Thins are a point each, I get the Sweet Chilli flavour. Anyone tried these? I'm gonna make this my weigh in day lunch each week as its light but still filling.

And I have to admit that not only did I not drink my two litres of water today (Only did 1 1/2) I also had half a bottle of wine at lunch time too. Anyway I went along to weigh in and have lost two and a half pounds this week! So am pleased with that. I always weigh myself at home before I go to class and there is always a two pound difference, the WW scales being higher, but this week I've finally after weeks gone into 9 pounds of the stone I'm in which is great. It also means:

1. I have now lost 21 pounds altogether
2. I have my 10% award
3. Along with another 7lb award
4. I have another 7lb to go until I reward myself with a tattoo I have been wanting for ages!!

So all in all a good night :) Work went quite well today too, got lots out of the way, wore a new outfit and felt good, today has just generally been a good day!

How are other peoples diets coming along? :)



  1. Good on you sweetie :o) I started the 30 day shred today, really excited about it :o)xx

  2. Wow, you're doing really well, well done to you :) xx

  3. 21lbs is awesome, well done! Keep going....can't wait to see your tattoo

    T x

  4. WOW Carla thats fantastic well done!
    I really need to start dieting but being home in the day makes it so easy to snack....