Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Went to Weight Watchers tonight and only lost 1/2 lb but I suppose I have drank an awful lot of wine this week, although I did count everything I ate and drank... anyway the 1/2 took me to getting my 10% keyring as seen up there! And I know I did it properly with counting and stuff so I'm not beating myself up about not losing more. The second pic was my gorgeous tea last night! 

I'm super tired tonight! After Weight Watchers I have been watching True Blood, really getting back into it!! First night this week I haven't spent with Sky News on all night, glad to see things calming down although I don't wanna speak too soon... 

Ooh also just as a side note, I have now got a tumblr! I've been following them through google reader for months and months but didn't really understand having my own, but have sorted it now. Only have two followers! And I don't even know how to see how many followers I have, how do I do that? Anyway feel free to follow and let me know if you have one! The link is:

Good Wednesdays everyone?? 



  1. I need that for my tea. That looks really, really good!

    I am back by the way :o). Really glad to see you're still blogging :-D


  2. Well done on the 10% that's fabulous. I've been with Weight Watchers since Jan, been paying my monthly pass and just not doing it, SO stupid. I've started again, tracking EVERYTHING. Hoping for a good loss, when I've left my job I can't going back to meetings :-)

  3. Congrats on getting your 10% keyring! I'm just getting into True Blood and have so much to catch up on but it's hard finding the earlier episodes online :( x

  4. Mmm, that's looks yummy!! Well done on the loss, might not seem a huge amount but it's still a loss which proves you're on the right track :).

    Sadie xx