Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday 9 August 2011

It seems trivial to be posting whilst all this is going on. The pictures above were last nights rioting in London and I just cannot believe that tonight it has spread even more, now to Manchester. It is so so saddening. These people are CHILDREN how has this generation been raised with such little respect for ANYTHING?

This video is of a teenager setting fire to Miss Selfridge in Manchester. I hope to God he is caught. It literally brought tears to my eyes because I just cannot believe that this is happening anywhere it feels like we are watching a film. I have to say I was A, very disappointed by David Cameron's statement this morning and B, furious with Theresa May's comments. When asked if bringing the Army in was a good idea or even water canons she said "The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities". Well! That's working out really well so far isn't it. Why won't someone just use their common sense and realise that the way our country polices is NOT WORKING!! Our jails are overrun crime levels are high because no one cares! No one is scared of the police any more and they know that if they do get caught the punishment will be barely anything they will get a tap on the wrist and be back out to do more. It's gone on for too long and it frustrates me so much. I have nothing but respect for the police force and I will not hear any bad about them but cannot understand why other countries walk around armed with guns and if they need to use them they do and then get congratulated for being a hero but over here? No protection, and if anything does happen and someone gets shot it wouldn't matter if that particular person had a gun to the PC's head, the PC would still be questioned over it. 

At times our country both saddens and disgusts me.


Pics taken from Bicky's tumblr


  1. I totally agree, it is making me so angry that teenagers are just taking advantage and setting fires and looting shops just for the fun or to make money. I hope they all get caught and I hope it all stops, I've seen people on my facebook trying to start riots in my town which is so ridiculous, they probably don't even know what the riots are over! jeez x

  2. Am gutted that people are being so mindless and destroying our beautiful cities. No one has the right to steal or damage someone elses' property. It's disgusting. To be honest I won't feel any sympathy for looters and rioters if water canons or rubber bullets are used because this behaviour is just criminal. Such a sad indictment of the times :( x

  3. I totally agree this country needs to get a grip they are way too soft on crime and this youth crime has been building.

    Its so so depressing and it has made me really sad and down.

    I just wonder how or when it will all end!! x

  4. Arrgh I'm so annoyed it's spread to Manchester :( my favourite city ever and a 20 minute train ride away from me. So sad...

    I just can't see an end to all of this unless something drastic is done :(

    xxx Kat

  5. It's just so awful - completely mindless. I'm so sad it's spread to Liverpool & Manchester xx

  6. My area is one of the places in London most hit by the current outbreak of riots. To see it on tv was frightening but the aftermath left me close to tears looting and robbing aside, their use of weapons and setting buildings on fire has completely left my area shaken. This was a great post! The severity needs to be recognized everywhere x

  7. Totally agree with everything you said and I feel quite angry that people are actually defending the perpetrators. But, luckily the punishment being dealt to those responsible has already been much harsher than usual. There's even a petition, which has reached over 100,000 signatures already, to stop benefits to those who are convicted, so I don't think anyone is going to get away lightly this time.
    And I'm totally with you on supporting the police, I have so much respect for them. Last night we had an attempted burgulary and the police were here within minutes and bought about 6 officers. To blame them is unfair, it's the government and their rules - they've just become too soft over the years. I think more people need to stand up to what they believe in like you have here!
    Great post!

  8. I agree it's frustrating. I would never want to see our standard police armed though. My Fiance works for Humberside Police and takes pride in doing the job unarmed and setting a good example. Of course there is an armed response unit for those rare occasions where the criminals are armed and it would be too dangerous for regular officers though. Our police have a lot of respect on the global stage because they do their job relying on skill, negotiation and good example, I'm proud of that :)

    What frustrates me the most though is that I don't think it's even that we need harsher punishments etc, but that we need to consistently enforce the ones we already have! If you watch police programs on tv you see them painstakingly catch a thief (theft has a standard prison time of 5 years) and then you hear "kevin stole from 12 families and got 11 months in prison". Why have a standard consequence and then not use it? I'm a primary school teacher and one of the first things we learn is to have rules, rights, responsibilities and consequences. No time off from consequences for good behaviour, good behaviour is expected, if you don't show good behaviour there will be additional consequences!

    Consistency improves the behaviour of children dramatically, I think the courts should try it out and give it a chance, then if it doesn't work fair enough I'd say we probably do need a rethink :)

    All in all, I agree with you that this is disgraceful and something needs to be done, I just think that the courts need to up their game before we increase police force.