Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Today has been a little bit of a let down really for me. I have had my heart set on getting a new pair of glasses for a while - more specifically a pair of geek type glasses. I went and tried some on yesterday like I said and I went back today to get some. I had seen some Karen Millen ones that I wanted and I just needed to pick a second paid for free and it took me ages to pick some that I liked. When I went to get them I got told that my prescription is so high that the lenses would be too thick to go in frames that are as big as what I wanted. So I had to pick two pairs basically that I'm not overlly fussed about and it just put me in such a bad mood. I already know I won't wear either of these just like I don't wear the ones I already have because I hate little frames. 

Anyway. Onwards and upwards I suppose. I pick them up on Thursday so I'll post a picture of them then. 

In other news I am getting slightly addicted to Tap Zoo on my iPhone? Does anyone else play this or is it a childish game? I think I'm turning into a child playing games on there I'm obsessed. 

How hot is it at the moment? Not even sunny or anything just so HOT. I hate sleeping with the window open in case spiders crawl in :( 

I wore a shirt today that I bought a few months ago and used to wear it on those rare nights I actually go out but since it's not brand new anymore I've transferred it to my work wardrobe. And I love it, I do but I feel like some kind of eighties throwback in it, or more to the point, kind of like what Justin Timberlake dresses like in the stupid videos he does with Lonely Island? If you haven't seen them WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN they are hilarious and have made me finally see what the deal is with Justin Timberlake. Because this: 

SERIOUSLY never did it for me before. I know, right? What was wrong with me. But then the funniness of him in these videos just sorta clicked it for me. They're here in order if you haven't seen them...or just wanna watch them again. 

ANYWAY this is the shirt I am talking about:

Do you know what I mean?! I think it's the colour and because its big and floaty it just reminds me of something JT would wear in those vids. 

Food consumed today: 

and I totally hungry and craving coca cola right now :/ 

How has your day been? 



  1. LOL!! I love this post :-) Im hating this hot weather too and every night fear a moth coming in my window :-(
    My bf is obsessed with those Lonely Island videos and thinks they're hilarious, but I love your top!!
    (Also I used to work in an Opticians, they should have offered you thinner and lighter lenses for the glasses that you chose, they are more expensive but they are usually available even with a high prescription. Cant wait to see your new glasses though)
    Sorry for the long comment :-)
    x x

  2. Hey hun! They did offer the thinning but he said even with thinning it wouldn't fit because the prescrip is so high :(

    Haha, I love the top too but one day I just got a flashback to JT and now can't stop thinking about it when I wear it! The vids are so funny!