Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tuesday 16 August - Saturday 20 August 2011

First attempt at an updo I copied from You Tube - pretty impressed to say I can't ever do anything with my hair!

Birthday cocktails in my pub - Passionfruit Martini - gorgeous

Birthday present from Mum and Dad!

Presents from friends - they know me so well, anything Amy and Blake and I'm all over it like you wouldn't believe

Present from my brother - can't wait to begin watching this

The start of Big Brother and Jedwards panda trainers - insert a WTF face here

Tuna melt in a cafe in Ilkley - Cafe J. It was literally the best thing I've tasted this week

Secret diaries in a shop in Ilkley. I used to have so many of these when I was younger! The Holy Bible one is ace.
 Cupcake bath fancies I picked up, look and smell delicious

 Picked up all these books in charity shops. The RRP of them is £70+ and I paid £18!

Pics from Friday night out.

Back to everyday posts tomorrow!



  1. That is a beautiful watch! I'm jealous xoxo

  2. Love the watch <3. Great pics, i love these posts.

    Sadie xx

  3. You know, I was gawping @ Jedwards trainers and thought ''Oh it must be the tongue part of the trainers'', I never for the love of me ever thought it was flamin pandas lmfao. Definitely WTF indeed! lol

    Jedward to one side, fab pix of the week :).

  4. You're looking super slim in these pics! The updo is ace, and I'm so jealous of the watch! I have a gold one, but I really want to add a silver to my collection

    T x

  5. Can't believe you did that hair yourself! Amazing!
    Just picked up One Day as well, hoping to have it read before I see the film!

  6. that bloke is looking at your chichis and seem to be happy :) want that tuna melt in my tummy and i want it now *screams like a 2 year old*

  7. Wow, I can't believe you did the updo yourself - looks fab!