Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday 4 August 2011

I've just been watching yet another Amy Winehouse documentary, this is one of my favourite songs from Black to Back. I've been obsessed with watching videos on You Tube this week, videos of people singing cover songs. Honestly if I had three wishes one of them would be that I could sing. LOL I remember reading an interview once with Jonathan Wilkes and he said he couldn't sing and then he had his tonsils out and he could! OMG I clung to that for years and then when I had my tonsils out I was so excited to try it out haha what a loser. 

You know I really don't know where today has gone. I went to the pub at lunch time again and the afternoon seems to have passed in an entire blur. The only piccie I remembered to snap today was one of my tea, had ryvitas again for lunch and tea was half a bag of Uncle Bens Vegetable Risotto and half a bag of Quorn mince with some peppers thrown was OK. Only 10 points though and it was filling. 

Friday tomorrow people! Looking forward to the weekend, have lots of meal plans and outfit plans to crack on with! 

Is anyone going to the Leeds meet up next Saturday (13th)? I can;t remember if I mentioned this before! Let me know if you are planning on going! 


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