Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday 6 August 2011

Owww my head hurt this morning. One of those serious cases of omigodwhatdiditalkaboutlastnight left me cringing all morning. I was sooo drunk yesterday. I went to the pub at lunch and had a long lunch and had like 2 bottles of wine between me and my friend so thats basically a bottle each ... I only had a sandwich before I went out as well so that did NOT help matters. I finished work and went back to the pub and I think I had three large glasses of wine then and then kinda had to be put in a taxi when I hap handedly tried to make an omelette before going to bed at like 9 pm. Rock and roll Carla, rock and roll. 

I wore my River Island shirt...dress whatever it is, I wear it with a vest underneath and leggings. This is a picture of it from last November, I wore it to an Aussie do: 

Sinead, Lauren, Phoebe, Me and Liloo

But since I've lost weight it just feels so big and looks baggy. I don't 'do' belts, I own one that I have owned for about 5 years but I just tried it yesterday with the top and loved it, not a full length pic and also not a good one, but it's one that was snapped in the pub yesterday:

So today I felt a bit sick this morning, and had a bacon sandwich to bring me round, which was delicious. I tidied out so much in my room today, got rid of a bin liners worth of stuff,

and also finished watching Greys Anatomy season 4! <3 Need to get my hands on series 5 now, I wanted to be done with both 4 and 5 by the time I meet Kim next Saturday but doesn't look like that will be possible! :'(

Aside from a bacon sandwich today we had tacos and I've just had some strawberries and a yogurt :)

I watched a programme tonight that was a guy who goes to food places that have good reputations in America? I don't know what it was or what channel it was on, but he was going to these places and they were making so much gorgeous looking food! If I could eat anything right now I would need to eat some sort of sandwich filled with meat, I don't even really like meat but I really want some now! 

I think I need to get myself back to bed, I have typed half this post out more than once because I'm yawning so much I can't see what I'm writing!! And I'm rambling about meat, which is just weird in itself. 

Night :) xxx


  1. You always look like you have a great time. Great photos too xx

  2. The belt looks wicked with the dress/shirt! I can't wear waist belts for longer than a couple of hours, and can't stand the feeling round my waist when I'm sitting down.x

  3. Haha! I love this post! I don't really like meat either but when you have that craving for a meat filled sarnie nothing is ever going to go in its place.... Hmmm now im thinking about meat?!

    On a non meaty note you look gorgeous and I love the belt


  4. I wanna go out & look pretty & get drunk with yoooooou!
    Miss you ladies xx

  5. Love your outfit! Thank you for your lovely comment, it really made my day :) just working on some drawings today! xx

  6. Oh I sympathise completly, I was so so ill yesterday thanks to alcohol. And kudos for you for managing something productive, I just lied around eating rubbish and watching rubbish!


  7. Great pictures! :)


  8. jesus i look rough and absent on this. good god! xx