Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday 15 August 2011

Today was a pretty cool day! It started with cupcakes and ended with wine, what can go wrong with that!!

It's my birthday on Thursday (yep, pretty much gonna keep mentioning this all week!) and I bought some lush looking (and tasting) cupcakes in for treats at work this morning to liven up Monday morning. My boss returned from his holiday and pretty much forced me to go for a drink after work with him in the pub I wanted to avoid after Friday's escapades but it went well and was a nice end to the day.

Had a gorgeous tuna/potato/ham salad for tea and am thinking of hitting the sack already even though its only 9pm!

Will leave you with this song, its on the credits of a True Blood episode I watched last week and I'm in love with it, it's amazing!!



  1. Lovely song dear! And the cupcakes look yummy :)

  2. Nothing to say except mmmm....cupcakes.... x Happy birthday for Thursday! x

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  4. Yummy! You made hungry with this package of photos! :)
    Happy birthday!