Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday 1 August 2011

Cocktails after work on Thursday / Seriously the most delicious dinner I have eaten at work! Marks & Spencer Orzo Pasta and a packet of their Hondrun Garlic & Parsley King Prawns - all in all 10 pro points, totally worth it! / Went shopping on Saturday to the White Rose and picked up a ring and a couple of bracelets from H & M, love their jewellery at the moment / Also picked up this jumper from H & M / Jacket potato, tuna, cheese and kale for tea on Saturday followed by raspberries and ice cream :) 

I picked up a few bits from the River Island sale a few weeks ago and meant to post pictures but I never actually made it round to even photographing them...this midi skirt is one of the things I bought and gave it it's first outing today. I felt really concious in it, hated how it seemed to rise up at the back and fold? I like the skirt I just think I wanted a maxi skirt instead...

I cleared out a load of old things at the weekend and came across some old diaries, diaries that were literally so packed full of writing and tickets and photos etc that they were nearly breaking from the spine. I used to write everything about every day I had, what I had done, who I had seen, what I had eaten, what I had worn even down to which underwear I wore! I don't keep one any more but when I find the old ones it always makes me a little sad I don't have them any more to read back on; I can flip the book open and whatever entry it falls on I remember the day like it was yesterday. SO as today is a Monday, and the first of a new month, and as I like things in order like that, I'm going to attempt to make this blog a bit more like those diaries. I obviously won't feel the same freedom I had writing things no one will see but as far as writing what happened etc and all sorts of rubbish trivia such as clothes and music and lyrics and photos goes, it should be pretty easy to maintain?! 

So, Monday, 1 August was a pretty samey day; wake up, lounge in bed until my alarm went off at 8 am, get up, get dressed (see above), do make up (Mac Studio Tech Foundation, MSF Medium/Dark, Illamasqua Promise Cream Blush, Illamasqua Furore Pure Pigment, Urban Decay Smog, Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara, Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2 and Mac Ever Hip) and set off to work. I posted some DVDs I had watched at the weekend back to Love Film - Life As We Know It and the first disc of True Blood Series 2. I loved Life As We Know It! I love Katherine Heigl I think she is such a good actress and absolutely beautiful. 

My boss is on holiday at the moment so I spent the day working through the backlog of work I have that he left, nipped out at lunch and went to River Island, picked up a t shirt in the sale and then went to a couple of opticians to try some frames on. I want to get some new glasses and really want some geek type ones but I really find it hard trying them on because obviously wearing contacts and trying glasses on it so far apart from actually wearing the glasses as glasses not frames if that makes sense? 

I made it home literally just as it began to pour it down. And my night has consisted of editing photos, trawling Tumblr, and watching Greys Anatomy. I got some mega deals on eBay last weekend - 

One Tree Hill Season One - only £4.20! And it is brand new! Season 2 was no more than a fiver and then Greys Anatomy Seasons One Two Three AND Four for a tenner? Don't mind if I do...don't mind if I don't!

This is seriously one of my favourite moments! And when Mick starts saying 'hear me now' at 34 seconds...I have to rewind this shit about fifty times to appreciate the funniness!!!

Food wise today...

Two litres of water...tuna sandwich (6pp) and crisps (5pp) and tea ... green beans (0pp), lattice (11pp) and new potatoes (4pp). I get weighed on Wednesday this week and this is seriously the first week I have properly tracked and done the diet in about a month and a half. Back in the game! lol. 

How did your Monday go? 



  1. Oooo, the raspberries and ice cream sound amazing! Sadly I'm sick this Monday :(. So I took the opportunity of being off work to study and do laundry...woot! Lol. Not so fun. I miss the days of sick days being for rest instead of crossing things off the to do list.

  2. haha I love Gavin & Stacey that bit you said about is so funny. I would love to have a family like that...hilarious! I love Pam she makes me laugh so much!

    I too love H&M at the moment lovely items you bought too and that outfit looks lovely on you. You look like you have lost weight you are doing so well. xx

  3. Ahh I love that bit in Gavin & Stacey, thanks for making me laugh on a Tuesday morning! Glad your diet's going well - that seriously looks like an amazing lunch! xx

  4. Ha I feel so nosy snooping in on your day like this!

    You're looking lovely in your pic Miss, and I feel your pain on the specs front. I desperately want a pair and feel that you should only wear geek specs if you actually need them. So off I trotted to the optician, only to be told I didn't really need glasses at all. Boo!

    T x

  5. Gotta love Gavin & Stacey, that's one of my fave moments too, especially when Pam enters and picks the song back up lol!
    Glad the diet going well :)

  6. @ To Blush or not to blush - the raspberries and ice cream were pretty amazing! Aw thats not good, hope you are feeling better soon lovely xxx

    @ Brunette - TOTALLY agree they are my fave 'family' I actually watch it and just wish that I could have their family! Aw thanks hun xxx

  7. @ Kate - Haha Gavin + Stacey never fails does it! Thanks hun xx

    @ T - Now I've been told I can't have them even with a bloody prescription! Gutted! Seriously thinking about just buying a pair of clear lenses and wearing them all the time! xx

    LOL yes when Pam just rolls on in there and starts it back up! Amazing! lol xx

  8. Great post, really enjoyed reading it :). The Cocktails and Prawn dish look yummy!!

    Sadie xx

  9. Thanks hun! The cocktails were rather nice :) xxx