Sunday, 21 August 2011


Good afternoon ladies!

Remember quite a while ago now I bought some Illamasqua bits and meant to show you, I think it was on the 1 June actually so a long time ago! And then last time I went to London I picked some more up from their store and again, meant to mention them on here! Sometimes I have all intentions of doing a post, I take pics etc but then I just never get round to doing it! Well finally almost three months later here are the bits I have picked up!! 

The first thing I bought was one of the cream blushers. I have a couple of the powder blushers which are so pigmented, you seriously need the slightest of hand to pick up colour, but I had not had a play around with the cream ones until I bought this one. I am always hankering after peachy, orangey shades of blusher but I never buy that colour, I'm always drawn to the pinks, so I decided to change it up a little and buy Rude. Described by Illamasqua as a 'warm peach pink, with a dewy finish' this blusher is without a doubt my most used product. I would estimate that since the date of purchase (1 June) this has been out of my make up bag about three or four times. I literally use it every day and no other blusher I own matches up to this - even when I think I'll use a different one you can guarantee I will slip back into using this. 

I apply this either with my fingers or my Illamasqua Highlighter Brush, as mentioned at the end of this post. It's actually the perfect brush to use, picks up just the right amount of product. Seriously, if you have been considering buying this blush or wanting to pick one up, this is amazing! 

I also bought a pure pigment, in the share Furore. I do love this product however the one thing I don't like is if you carry it about (like I bag weighs a ton, I carry everything around with me!) its not very secure, so all the powder in mine has come out which you can see in the pics...

It's a perfect highlight and I love the way it sits on my cheekbones, and it can also be used on the eyelids. Do you have any of the pure pigments? How do you use them?
When I went to London me and Phoebe decided to kill a bit of time before our train home and checked out the store. I decided to pick up another cream blusher and also another Precision Ink eyeliner. I went for Promise in the end as I thought a pink cream blusher can only be a good thing! 

Promise is the perfect girly pink and I love just a subtle amount of this on the apples of my cheeks. The cream blushers cost £16.50 each. 

I was sent a Precision Ink in black a while back when it was first released and love it, I use it all the time and will no doubt need to buy yet another one soon! They are currently available in three colours, or were at the time I visited the shop, and I picked up Glister. Described as an 'opalescent nude' its the perfect everyday eyeliner without being too heavy. 

Top: Pure Pigment in Furore. Bottom: Glister Precision Ink

I'm yet to meet anyone who doesn't like the Precision Ink! 

Whilst we are on the subject of Illamasqua, I booked my train tickets for the event on 1 September yesterday! I'm really excited, I will be travelling down to London with Sinead, we arrive at 12 and plan to do some shopping etc until the event at 630 ish I think it is? Can't wait! Who else will be there? 



  1. I absolutely LOVE that blush! That may have to be my next purchase! Great post x

  2. I have Rude too and while I love it it's a bit clowny for me atm cuz I have a tan! I'm really anxious to pick up a powder blush though, maybe Hussy, but I also really want the highlighting brush! :)

  3. I've been wanting rude for ages! I saw it on asos the other day down to £13 but when I went back to buy it, it was sold out :( I have promise too and love it! xx

  4. I love that blush it looks such a stunning colour x

  5. Oh gosh I need Rude in my life. It's beautiful! I love Promise, such a lovely colour and amazing pigmentation :) xx

  6. Ooh I need to get Promise - definately my kinda blusher