Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sophie Lancaster

Hi guys

Just a quick post I wanted to do about a very worthwhile charity. 

I’ve posted about the SOPHIE Foundation before, back in 2009. If you don’t know much about it, its a foundation set up by Sophie Lancaster’s mother after Sophie’s death in 2007. The reason for her murder? Being a goth, looking different.

Illamasqua is a brand that, in their own words, promotes the right to experiment and self express through the way you look and have been supporting the Foundation since the beginning.

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of Sophie’s death and Illamasqua have released a video in memory. The film explains how Illamasqua raise awareness and where the funding for the charity goes and is definitely something to take an interest in.

You can also see the first video Illamasqua made back in 2009 on my previous post here. It has now reached 275,000 hits but Illamasqua hope to reach over 500,000 so the Foundation’s message can keep on spreading.

The official channels for the SOPHIE Foundation visit and follow for updates.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Aussie Competition!!

Hi guys

Just a quick post that I’m sure you’ve already seen a million times by now! I thought I had missed the boat on this but the deadline has kindly been extended.

Basically, this year is 110 years since beautiful Australia became a country! To celebrate you may have seen the newly packaged Aussie products in shops recently to celebrate the so called ‘Aussie-versery’!

Last week Aussie kindly sent me a Summer Party Pack, filled with sunglasses, flip flops, party poppers (which were put to use on Friday night!), sparklers, popping candy and of course two bottles of their Limited Edition Aussie products – I chose the 3 MM and Shampoo (and both smell amazing!!). Not only that, but Aussie launched a completion for each Aussie Angel to run on their blog.

7 of you ladies have the opportunity to win one of these Party Packs along with the chance to win 10 VIP tickets to a party Aussie will be holding for ALL the Aussie Angels. The party takes place in London on the 29th October and I have to say I am extremely excited for it!!

So what do you have to do to enter? Well as you can tell, Aussie will use any excuse to celebrate, and all they want you to do is tell them (or me should I say!) what YOU have to celebrate! And it can be absolutely anything you can think of. You just need to pop it in the comment section below!

You will have to be fast and enter today or tomorrow, and the competition will end tomorrow evening at 9 pm. I will pick the best seven so please leave your email address so I can get in touch with you.

I should also add this is only open to UK Mainland residents and you must be 18 or over. I would also be grateful if you were a follower of my blog! 

So what are you waiting for? Get entering!!


Sunday, 21 August 2011


Good afternoon ladies!

Remember quite a while ago now I bought some Illamasqua bits and meant to show you, I think it was on the 1 June actually so a long time ago! And then last time I went to London I picked some more up from their store and again, meant to mention them on here! Sometimes I have all intentions of doing a post, I take pics etc but then I just never get round to doing it! Well finally almost three months later here are the bits I have picked up!! 

The first thing I bought was one of the cream blushers. I have a couple of the powder blushers which are so pigmented, you seriously need the slightest of hand to pick up colour, but I had not had a play around with the cream ones until I bought this one. I am always hankering after peachy, orangey shades of blusher but I never buy that colour, I'm always drawn to the pinks, so I decided to change it up a little and buy Rude. Described by Illamasqua as a 'warm peach pink, with a dewy finish' this blusher is without a doubt my most used product. I would estimate that since the date of purchase (1 June) this has been out of my make up bag about three or four times. I literally use it every day and no other blusher I own matches up to this - even when I think I'll use a different one you can guarantee I will slip back into using this. 

I apply this either with my fingers or my Illamasqua Highlighter Brush, as mentioned at the end of this post. It's actually the perfect brush to use, picks up just the right amount of product. Seriously, if you have been considering buying this blush or wanting to pick one up, this is amazing! 

I also bought a pure pigment, in the share Furore. I do love this product however the one thing I don't like is if you carry it about (like I bag weighs a ton, I carry everything around with me!) its not very secure, so all the powder in mine has come out which you can see in the pics...

It's a perfect highlight and I love the way it sits on my cheekbones, and it can also be used on the eyelids. Do you have any of the pure pigments? How do you use them?
When I went to London me and Phoebe decided to kill a bit of time before our train home and checked out the store. I decided to pick up another cream blusher and also another Precision Ink eyeliner. I went for Promise in the end as I thought a pink cream blusher can only be a good thing! 

Promise is the perfect girly pink and I love just a subtle amount of this on the apples of my cheeks. The cream blushers cost £16.50 each. 

I was sent a Precision Ink in black a while back when it was first released and love it, I use it all the time and will no doubt need to buy yet another one soon! They are currently available in three colours, or were at the time I visited the shop, and I picked up Glister. Described as an 'opalescent nude' its the perfect everyday eyeliner without being too heavy. 

Top: Pure Pigment in Furore. Bottom: Glister Precision Ink

I'm yet to meet anyone who doesn't like the Precision Ink! 

Whilst we are on the subject of Illamasqua, I booked my train tickets for the event on 1 September yesterday! I'm really excited, I will be travelling down to London with Sinead, we arrive at 12 and plan to do some shopping etc until the event at 630 ish I think it is? Can't wait! Who else will be there? 


Tuesday 16 August - Saturday 20 August 2011

First attempt at an updo I copied from You Tube - pretty impressed to say I can't ever do anything with my hair!

Birthday cocktails in my pub - Passionfruit Martini - gorgeous

Birthday present from Mum and Dad!

Presents from friends - they know me so well, anything Amy and Blake and I'm all over it like you wouldn't believe

Present from my brother - can't wait to begin watching this

The start of Big Brother and Jedwards panda trainers - insert a WTF face here

Tuna melt in a cafe in Ilkley - Cafe J. It was literally the best thing I've tasted this week

Secret diaries in a shop in Ilkley. I used to have so many of these when I was younger! The Holy Bible one is ace.
 Cupcake bath fancies I picked up, look and smell delicious

 Picked up all these books in charity shops. The RRP of them is £70+ and I paid £18!

Pics from Friday night out.

Back to everyday posts tomorrow!


Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday 15 August 2011

Today was a pretty cool day! It started with cupcakes and ended with wine, what can go wrong with that!!

It's my birthday on Thursday (yep, pretty much gonna keep mentioning this all week!) and I bought some lush looking (and tasting) cupcakes in for treats at work this morning to liven up Monday morning. My boss returned from his holiday and pretty much forced me to go for a drink after work with him in the pub I wanted to avoid after Friday's escapades but it went well and was a nice end to the day.

Had a gorgeous tuna/potato/ham salad for tea and am thinking of hitting the sack already even though its only 9pm!

Will leave you with this song, its on the credits of a True Blood episode I watched last week and I'm in love with it, it's amazing!!


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Friday 12 August. Saturday 13 August and Sunday 15 August 2011

 pic courtesy of @daintydollymix

Oooppsss,. so I didn't post on Friday or yesterday. Believe me, it's a blessing that I didnt post on Friday, it would have been messy and swiftly deleted. I was soooo drunk. I went to Leeds Grand Theatre to see Dreamboats & Petticoats, which I have now seen three times and which usually I LOVE but this time, not so. The actors just weren't as good as previous years and the audience was boring. Usually they're up dancing and whatever but they just weren't interested this time. It annoyed me! We went for a drink after but ended up staying out until 1 am (I think) and I got so drunk, told every person that would listen that I fancied someone in the pub, refused to pay the taxi driver the right amount and laughed in his face when he got angry and totally passed out when I got in bed :/ 

I had to be up early the next day to meet lots of blogging girls for the Girls Day Out organised in Leeds. Had a good day shopping and enjoying some drinks with the girls, including Kat, Kim, Hannah, and the beautiful Charlotte, as well as meeting May and Sinead again. I had an amazing day and was presented with a generous goodie bag when I arrived at Red Hot Buffet! 

Seriously, that Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast is amazing!!! I've been applying it all day I love it. 

After saying goodbye to most of the girls, myself Sinead and Charlotte polished off a couple of bottles of wine and walked Charlotte through what seemed like a million police men back to the station before going for another drink until Sinead's lift arrived. It really was the perfect end to a great day! Although we were left wishing we had thought before hand to turn our day into a night out. 

It was nice to get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed this morning before heading to Costco to pick up some cupcakes for me to take to work for birthday reasons this week. Also got some yummy stuff to take for dinner this week. Also sorted out lots of storage and swatches etc tonight, will be doing a couple of posts this week! 

Have your weekends been good or filled with drunken embarrassment like mine? 


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday 11 August 2011

I think today can be pretty much summed up in bullet points:

and that is about it!! I am very boring today. I am in more of a planning mood than a blogging mood! Also, no pics taken today! I know, sad times. Have a sexy picture of Zac Efron instead. 


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Went to Weight Watchers tonight and only lost 1/2 lb but I suppose I have drank an awful lot of wine this week, although I did count everything I ate and drank... anyway the 1/2 took me to getting my 10% keyring as seen up there! And I know I did it properly with counting and stuff so I'm not beating myself up about not losing more. The second pic was my gorgeous tea last night! 

I'm super tired tonight! After Weight Watchers I have been watching True Blood, really getting back into it!! First night this week I haven't spent with Sky News on all night, glad to see things calming down although I don't wanna speak too soon... 

Ooh also just as a side note, I have now got a tumblr! I've been following them through google reader for months and months but didn't really understand having my own, but have sorted it now. Only have two followers! And I don't even know how to see how many followers I have, how do I do that? Anyway feel free to follow and let me know if you have one! The link is:

Good Wednesdays everyone?? 


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday 9 August 2011

It seems trivial to be posting whilst all this is going on. The pictures above were last nights rioting in London and I just cannot believe that tonight it has spread even more, now to Manchester. It is so so saddening. These people are CHILDREN how has this generation been raised with such little respect for ANYTHING?

This video is of a teenager setting fire to Miss Selfridge in Manchester. I hope to God he is caught. It literally brought tears to my eyes because I just cannot believe that this is happening anywhere it feels like we are watching a film. I have to say I was A, very disappointed by David Cameron's statement this morning and B, furious with Theresa May's comments. When asked if bringing the Army in was a good idea or even water canons she said "The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities". Well! That's working out really well so far isn't it. Why won't someone just use their common sense and realise that the way our country polices is NOT WORKING!! Our jails are overrun crime levels are high because no one cares! No one is scared of the police any more and they know that if they do get caught the punishment will be barely anything they will get a tap on the wrist and be back out to do more. It's gone on for too long and it frustrates me so much. I have nothing but respect for the police force and I will not hear any bad about them but cannot understand why other countries walk around armed with guns and if they need to use them they do and then get congratulated for being a hero but over here? No protection, and if anything does happen and someone gets shot it wouldn't matter if that particular person had a gun to the PC's head, the PC would still be questioned over it. 

At times our country both saddens and disgusts me.


Pics taken from Bicky's tumblr

Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday 8 August 2011

Aren't these riot reports absolutely horrifying? I am truly gobsmacked at the entire thing. I have literally spent my entire night watching Sky News with my phone in my hand tweeting. It is fucking disgusting the way England is these days. The police have no power - they need to be given more power! Instead of being scared to act for fear of the repercussions. I am really interested in what David Cameron is going to do when he gets back in the country tomorrow and I am actually scared about things kicking off in other places, like Birmingham tonight, I am one of these people that gets scared at literally everything and I don't want anything happening in Leeds :/ 

Anyway...the above pics are my new glasses :) First pair are Karen Millen  and the bottom two pics are my Jasper Conran ones. You likey? 

I am SO HUNGRY right now!! No food pics today I scoffed my food too fast! Two bowls of Krave a delicious sandwich and gorgeous jacket potato! So ravo right now! 

Time for bed I think..don't know what I'm gonna wake up to...everyone I know in these areas please stay safe!! 


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday 7 August 2011

Today pretty much consisted of the above; watching Burlesque and True Blood, eating naan bread pizzas and I took a trip out and wore my new River Island vest top.

I absolutely loved Burlesque and can't wait to buy it myself to watch again! I'mm catching up on True Blood, I stopped watching at episode three when it aired on channel 4 because I can't stand watching shows on tv, can;'t be doing with the adverts! Am back in love with Eric and a little bit Bill and also Hoyt - is this just weird?! 

I wish it wasn't work tomorrow *sulk* . Has Sunday been good to you people? 


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday 6 August 2011

Owww my head hurt this morning. One of those serious cases of omigodwhatdiditalkaboutlastnight left me cringing all morning. I was sooo drunk yesterday. I went to the pub at lunch and had a long lunch and had like 2 bottles of wine between me and my friend so thats basically a bottle each ... I only had a sandwich before I went out as well so that did NOT help matters. I finished work and went back to the pub and I think I had three large glasses of wine then and then kinda had to be put in a taxi when I hap handedly tried to make an omelette before going to bed at like 9 pm. Rock and roll Carla, rock and roll. 

I wore my River Island shirt...dress whatever it is, I wear it with a vest underneath and leggings. This is a picture of it from last November, I wore it to an Aussie do: 

Sinead, Lauren, Phoebe, Me and Liloo

But since I've lost weight it just feels so big and looks baggy. I don't 'do' belts, I own one that I have owned for about 5 years but I just tried it yesterday with the top and loved it, not a full length pic and also not a good one, but it's one that was snapped in the pub yesterday:

So today I felt a bit sick this morning, and had a bacon sandwich to bring me round, which was delicious. I tidied out so much in my room today, got rid of a bin liners worth of stuff,

and also finished watching Greys Anatomy season 4! <3 Need to get my hands on series 5 now, I wanted to be done with both 4 and 5 by the time I meet Kim next Saturday but doesn't look like that will be possible! :'(

Aside from a bacon sandwich today we had tacos and I've just had some strawberries and a yogurt :)

I watched a programme tonight that was a guy who goes to food places that have good reputations in America? I don't know what it was or what channel it was on, but he was going to these places and they were making so much gorgeous looking food! If I could eat anything right now I would need to eat some sort of sandwich filled with meat, I don't even really like meat but I really want some now! 

I think I need to get myself back to bed, I have typed half this post out more than once because I'm yawning so much I can't see what I'm writing!! And I'm rambling about meat, which is just weird in itself. 

Night :) xxx