Sunday, 24 July 2011

Save our Soles!

I went into Lush last week for the first time in months to pick a present up and decided to get a few things for myself.

I picked these up last minute as they were on the counter when I went to pay. The lady serving me was saying how you can totally replace toothpaste with these, or just use them a few times a week, and how she personally keeps them in her bag and just uses them to freshen up throughout the day so I've decided to do the same. You just put a tab in your mouth and break it up with your teeth then use your toothbrush to work it round your mouth the same way you would with toothpaste. The only thing is = they taste absolutely rank, it is the sodium bicarbonate, so the only saving grace is you know that although its a minging taste it is doing good! There are a few different flavours of these and I wouldn't mind picking up the Sparkly ones. I think they are fab for taking away, toothpaste can leak or whatever but these would be great. They cost £2.75 and you get 40 tabs in a box.  You can pick them up online and see the different flavours they come in here.

 Karma Bubble Bar for my mum, no explanation needed really!

I had spotted the Stepping Stone (the green foot shaped product) and popped it into the basket on its own at first. Then an assistant came over and you know how it is, they show you everything in the shop and when she  spotted the Stepping Stone she showed me the Happy Feet gift set they have on at the moment. In this pack you get what you see above - Stepping Stone, Fair Trade Foot Lotion and Volcano Foot Mask. She showed me on my hands a run down of what they do - first up, apply the Volcano Foot Mask all over feet. Now, on the instructions you are then told to wrap your feet in a plastic bag and wait for ten minutes. As I've only ever used this in the bath, after I've had a wash I just slather it on and then sit with my feet out of the bath for ten minutes, and exfoiliate etc whilst I'm waiting and this still has a brilliant effect on my feet so wrapping in bags would only accentuate this! After ten minutes has passed, put your feet back into the water and rub the mask off your feet. It made my feet feel all soft and relaxed!

The next step is to break a bit off the Stepping Stone and rub it into your foot. Once it makes contact with the water it goes all fizzy and smells absolutely gorgeous. It's also a pumice so it will loosen up all the dry skin you have on your feet and also contains jojoba oil will means they won't be left all dry, it will moisturise them. It also cools your feet, even when your feet are plunged back into the hot water they tingle and feel cool, so this is a great product to have for the summer months when you've been on your feet all day! 

Once you've done that to both feet and washed and dried them, the final step is to apply the Fair Trade Foot Lotion. You can believe me when I tell you that my feet are so gross I have tried SO many foot creams, my favourites I wrote about here, and I have actually tried one from Lush a long time ago. I think it was Pied De Pepper and I hated it, it did absolutely nothing for me and I would never purchase it again. So when I bought this I didn't actually hold much hope that it would be any good, but I'm always willing to try out new foot creams... this is amazing. It seriously works, my feet are left looking actually decent after using. I put it on and then put a pair of socks on and in the morning when I take them off my feet are soft, smooth and look good! 

Stepping Stone is £2.80, some reviews say they got three uses out of it but for me personally I think more around the 6/7 mark if you're careful when breaking bits off, a little goes a long way! The Volcano Foot Mask costs £5.50 for 125g of product and again, you will get a lot of use from one tub. The Fair Trade Foot Lotion costs £8.95 for 225g of product and I think this is definitely going to be a staple in my beauty products from now on! The 'Happy Feet' kit that I bought contains all of these products (albeit it smaller tubs, you can see the size on the picture above) along with a head scarf and costs £10.95. If you don't know whether to spend money on the full sized ones, because you might dislike it or whatever then I would definitely recommend getting this to try it out, I'm sure you will love it! 

The final thing I picked up has been on my list for a long time now, as you can see it is the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub. I have read so many mixed reviews on this, some people swear by it, some people say it is too harsh. I picked up the smaller tub which costs £6.75. And I love it! It smells absolutely amazing. When you first get it all the salt is on the top and it needs mixing up. The salt can be a little bit too big sometimes, and I can see why this product would break certain skin types out. I wouldn't use it every day as I think it might dry my skin out a bit but I use it every other night and want to eat my face off when it's on, it's literally that good. 

I haven't been sent any of these products by the way, I paid for them myself and just wanted to let you all know how good they are! 

Has anyone used these and had different views to me on them? 



  1. I really want to try those toothy tabs for the craic!!

  2. I need some new feet treats, will check Lush out. Never heard of those toothy tabs, i wonder if they actually work and give a good clean? xx

  3. @Adoreabubbles - Defo pick some up, they might give you one as a sample in store? I think they are quite cool!

    @Sadie - Yeah hun I find they do leave your teeth feeling very clean after use, would recommend!


  4. I really want to try the toothy tabs, i meant to get some last week but i was in a total rush. Did you get the Lush times? go to the bath ballistic bath, Sebs picture is in it! x

  5. I use all three of those foot products and they really do work wonders!

    I tried a sample of the toothy tabs and absolutely hated the feel of them in my mouth.. they seem like such a good idea though, I might have to give them another shot!

  6. I reviewed the Volcano foot mask a few months ago and it was great but quite messy. I don't have a bath that I can really stick my feet out of like you. And I don't really do baths anyway.

    Ocean Salt is one of my favourite all time face/body cleansers. I love the big chunks of salt and the smell.