Saturday, 16 July 2011

MAC Semi Precious/Fashion Flower

I knew that the one thing I wanted to pick up from these collections when I first saw then on Temptalia was the Ever Hip lipstick (Fashion Flower). I'm a bit of a sucker for eyeshadows as well so when I saw the ones released with Semi Precious I thought I might have a little splurge there too!

Some  of them are beautiful, agree? But I managed to restrain myself remembering how all the times in the past I have picked up shadows like this I have been so disappointed with the colour pay off. Also at £16 a shadow I didn't have that much money to play with...

I ended up walking away with the lipstick I wanted, and as I'd saved 6 empties for the past couple of months and traded them in for this I felt it was only right I spend a bit more on other products?

I've used Ever Hip every day this week and have to say I'm in love with it! It's a gorgeous corally shade and perfect for summer! 

I've never owned any MSF's before and so decided to pick up the two above. I've used the Peal one mostly every day and the Rose Quartz one just the once. 

Did you pick anything up? 



  1. Hey lover!

    Great buys! Believe it or not i bought absolutely nothing from this collection! I wanted SO much when i first read about it, but when it came out i literally had no money & im now saving for a ipad so the makeup had to wait!

    I am so interested in Rose quartz though! It looks absolutely stunning!

    Love you xxxxxxx

  2. I bought nothing from these collections, well I was wanting Ever Hip, but then stupid me decided to wait until going to the Mac counter. Gutted I never bought it from the site!! xxx

  3. Love all your buys, i have the Pearl skinfinish too, love it x

  4. Wow these look amazing might have to pop to a store and see if there's any left.