Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse

 I know that so many of these posts will be popping up all over your dash, but I couldn't not post myself.

I know Amy had a lot of problems over the years but when I heard of her death this afternoon I was truly devastated and upset by it. She was so talented and Frank and Back to Black have been very well listened to in my music collection. Some of the things I've seen people tweeting tonight have utterly disgusted me. She may have had an addiction but it doesn't take away the fact that she was somebodys daughter, a person, she didn't 'deserve' it. I still honestly can't believe it, there were always reports of her being clean and what not again, she had been in rehab recently again, it's just so terribly sad to me. 



  1. So, so sad :(. No one deserves to die, people who are writing those awful things should be ashamed of themselves.

    Sadie xx

  2. i agree! people were tweeting it was her own fault and they have no sympathy for her, comparing her to the norway deaths. Addiction is an vicious illness! I couldn't believe how ignorant a lot of people could be! xx

  3. Love the new look of your blog BTW.

    I know I was never a fan of hers but its such a shame for someone to die so young.
    She was so troubled and obviously needed help but there is only so much help you can get.

    Its easy for people to say oh well she was an addict and so what BUT like you say she is still someone's daughter and had big problems.

    Such a shame and very sad.


  4. It's so sad, and I hope people remember her for her iconic style, amazing voice and heartfelt lyrics rather than her addictions.

    People saying she deserves it are so ignorant and insensitive; addiction doesn't make you a bad person. It really is such a sad loss. xo

  5. Lovely post. Amy's death is a sad, tragic loss at much too young an age. We know she was clearly a bit of a tortured soul battling with addiction; I just hope she's at peace now. I've also been disgusted with some of the comments I've seen being made about her. There's just no need for it - she's no less worthy of compassion than anybody else xx

  6. Glad you are with me on this one. I also did a post and so far had nice comments.

    Hope you're well luv xx

  7. agreed, I was shocked-I did a post myself but have nothing new to say so its just my favourite photos of her at her best.x