Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nails Inc are at it again with their freebies ladies!

I'm sure you will have already seen or heard about this one but over the next four weeks Fabulous Magazine (which comes with the News of the World) are printing coupons - collect three of these and whiz along to your nearest Tescos, hand them in and pick yourself up these two beauties...

I am particularly interested in OMP as one of my all time favourite polishes in a reddy coral Nails Inc polish and this looks pretty similar!

Not only that you can treat yourself to a half price manicure for £14 at any participating Nails Inc Salon. There's also a pretty funny promo vid here to check out.

Will you be picking these up?



  1. Lovely colours and a great freebie x

  2. Loving these colours :)
    definately be picking them up if I see them!! x

  3. I impressed myself that I remembered to pick the paper up! Now to do it twice more..

  4. the orange shade is awesome! WANT! x

  5. Ahh this made me wish that Canada had Tesco! I'm addicted to nail polish lately so I'd pick those up if I could! :) Hope everything's been going well with you!!

  6. Lovely shades, Nails Inc always have fab freebies!!

    Sadie xx

  7. Thanks for letting us know about this.

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  9. Yay freebies! I really like these colors too. Was so lovely meeting you at the Aussie event :)