Monday, 27 June 2011

MIA - picture heavy!

I've been a little MIA recently so thought I'd throw myself back into blogging with a few pictures from May/June that I never got round to uploading!

May - Aussie Gym Day

 Myself and Briony on the train to London

 Catherine, Emma, Briony & me on our lunch break at the fantastic Reebok Gym in London - amazing place!

 Briony and Phoebe
Me and Phoebe

June - The Sound of Music at Leeds Grand Theatre

Y'all know how I hold a lot of love in my heart for Jason Donovan...I couldn't give up the opportunity to see him performing in my home town!!

After the show we went out and it's fair to say it was a messy drunken night followed by a horrific hangover the next day :(

June - Aussie Summer Soiree 

 I've harboured dreams of going to Portobello Market since reading that a woman selling coats was once discovered there by Patricia Field and the coat subsequently featured on Carrie Bradshaw in the final series of SATC. When I found out that the Aussie Summer event was held near it I knew I had to go!

 But as my travelling and market shopping lover Phoebe will tell you, I was not impressed with the market at all! All I saw were spoons, spoons all around me! Englands never gonna be in a spoon crisis with that place thats for sure!
 So onto the event we went, and I had a wonderful time! There were so many people that I recognised and didn't really get chance to speak to, it's so hard as there are so many people! Up above, l-r: Aussies lovely Holly, Sara, Phoebe, moi, Lauren, Catherine and Liloo.

Me and my new favourite person ;)

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and made it down to this bit...I'll be back blogging properly this week :) xxx


  1. You saw the Sound of Music! Jel! I've always wanted to go to Portobello Road since watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a kid haha :) xxx

  2. Lovely photos and I adore that cream dress you are wearing you look fab x

  3. aw love that group pic :)
    Hoping your Topshop jewels made up for the Portobello disappointment x

  4. Love the pics, your cream dress is gorgeous. You look fab, looks as though you've lost weight too.

    Sadie xx

  5. yes, that cream dress looks gorgeous on you! Wheres it from? x

  6. You look fab Carla, and look like you've lost weight. I love these photo posts x

  7. Woop for a picture heavy post :)
    You look lovely and i love your shoes :D

  8. The Aussie event looks like great fun!

  9. Here's an award for blogger awards from me to you! Love your blog!

  10. I have left you an award and tag on my blog x

  11. Haha 'Englands never gonna be in a spoon crisis'!!