Sunday, 15 May 2011

Your beauty is inside you, don't let them bring you down

♥ I have honestly got an obsession with Chris Brown at the moment. I am listening to him on repeat and I cannot count the times I have watched this video ^^^ and this one...

♥ Actually love him right now, totally obsessed.

♥ I was lucky enough to win the gorgeous Domanique's giveaway recently and received my goodies this week..

A headband which is gorgeous, a beautiful ring, falsies in the form of nails and lashes, a flower and also some cherry body butter which is in the bathroom hence why it isn't in this pic! Thanks so much Domanique :)

♥ Speaking of giveaways, Jen is having one at the moment which I suggest you all head over to, if you don't follow her already! Jen was a blogger I used to speak to lots a couple of years ago before she took a blogging break but she is back in the game now! So pleased about this! :)

♥ I painted my nails last night, they're all different sizes and my nails in general are looking a bit shit atm so I just painted each one a different colour then put crackle glaze on top,

Ignore my scabbyness around my nails, honestly this is one of my biggest bugbears about nail pictures, really don't know why people who pick and chew their way around each and every finger then wanna picture it and show it off like its brilliant....its gross... I don't know why my yellow finger is like this here because it's not today :s Colours used: Attitude, Paradise Lost (thumb), Barry M Blue Moon, Models Own Lemon Meringue, Illamasqua Velocity and Barry M Mint Green. What do you think of crackle polishes? I only have one, and I was excited when I saw the first PR release for more colours but now so many other companies have jumped on that bandwagon I kinda think it's died. I wouldn't mind trying another colour though.

♥ Where has the weather gone! It is raining all the time lately and I am having wardrobe crisis left right and centre! Looking forward to the return of Summer...when it's like this I just want it to be Christmas again!

Good weekends?

x x x


  1. I love your nails :-) Thanks for giving me a mention hun, I love talking to you too!!
    x x

  2. Your nails look wicked! I wasn't too keen on the crackle nail, but I like the new colours they've brought out.

  3. You need to get your hands on Burts Bees cuticle cream your dry bits literally disappear over night. The Barry M blue crackle is worth getting too :)

  4. Them nails look fab :)
    i'm your new follower, i love your blog!!


  5. Ahh, love your nails, can you do mine like that lol xx