Monday, 2 May 2011

Mother Shipton

Last Bank Holiday Monday the weather was perfect to pack up a picnic and drive up to Knaresborough - something I haven't done since I was a child! We decided to go to Mother Shipton's Cave, not only was it a place me and my friend remembered from our younger days but it also boasts plenty of scenic views, picnic areas and a mile long walk, perfect for starting off my Aussie Lighter Self challenge ;)

I'm absolutely gutted I didn't take a picture of my picnic as I was so proud of it!! I love preparing food like that and did the perfect little picnic, it was just too eager to jump in my mouth before my hands found my camera I guess. After we'd taken the picnic bags back to the car we set off on a walk around the park, reading all the signs and taking silly pictures. It's the perfect place to take kids, there's little play parks dotted all over the place. 

For anyone that doesn't know, Mother Shipton was a prophetess born in 1488 in the cave you can visit in the park. She allegedly predicted the Great Fire of London amongst many other things. You can read more about her on the website here :) In the actual cave now there is a stone statue of her...

Next to the cave is the Petrifying Well - anything that the water touches eventually turns to stone. Over the past 500 years there has been so many different things left to turn, some of them still hanging around the edge now.

Just behind the well is a little wishing well. You hold your right hand in the water and make a wish and it is supposed to obviously come true. I guess I will have to wait and see if this is true!

After we'd come to the end of the park we had a look around the museum, where there are all sorts of items that have been taken down from the well that had turned to stone, things left by famous people, including a shoe left by Queen Mary in 1923! 

It costs £6 each to get into the park and £2 to park the car which you can then leave there while you wander about, so we decided to leave the park and walk round Knaresborough in search of an ice cream. I wish I had taken a pedometer with me, would be interesting to know how many steps we did that day! It was a gorgeous hot day and just when we'd given up hope of finding a shop that did proper ice creams we rounded a corner and found people queuing on the street outside a little cute corner shop selling deliciousness. After a nice long stroll back to the park we had to walk back through the mile long stretch and well again, and as it was a bit emptier took some silly pictures without people getting in the way! 

With our hands in the wishing well water! I'll be sure to let you know if mine comes true!

Have you ever seen anyone so clearly excited to be stood in a cave with a stone statue before? What's happening with my face? LOL! I had to include this picture just for funny reasons, I look like a total loser.

Have you been to Mother Shiptons Cave before? 



  1. Oooh I loce places like this!! I like visiting somewhere where there's a story behind :-) I've never been here but im very intrigued by it!!

    x x

  2. Love this post! The things hanging that are left to turn to stone look a bit freaky...and the stone statue.

  3. no i've never been but it looks fun!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  4. Wow I'd never heard of Mother Shipton! I've got to get my bf to take me there now hehehe :D

    Such an interesting post, I was grinning the whole way lol CREEEEEEP.

  5. I remember going here years ago! Looks like you had a great time, i'm gonna have to plan a visit me thinks :)

  6. it looks great - super interesting!! x

  7. Looks like a fun (and tiring) day! I've actually never heard of her so you learn something new every day


  8. It was a good day hon, did your wish come true?! xx