Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lighter Life Challenge

Buona sera persone

How are you all today? It's not even 11pm and I am so tired my eyes are closing but as I won't be around tomorrow night to blog I wanted to do a quick post tonight! 

So as you know Tuesday is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I was extremely disappointed last week to the point when when I got home I just cried and went to bed at like 7 pm because after such a fantastic week where I was certain of a loss, and had said I would be disappointed with a measly one pound loss, I actually put on half a pound. I was absolutely distraught and it knocked my confidence so much but I managed to stay on track for a week praying the loss would be shown this week instead. 

And tonight it did! Thank GOD! I lost 3 pounds tonight at weigh in bringing my total loss up to 17 and a half pounds. I need to lose another 4 to get my 10% from Weight Watchers, another 10 and a half to notch up my second stone. 

I keep meaning to take pictures of my lunches but I keep forgetting!! Heres just what I did remember to take this week:

 Green beans, chopped strawberries and an orange. This was last Fridays lunch and being the end of the week I didn't have a lot left so ended up taking two slices of Weight Watchers bread and two slices of cheese to make cheese on toast! It was quite a nice welcome change to a salad or sandwich actually. 7 pro points. 
 Green salad, green beans, baby potatoes and a selection of fruit. Spinach is definitely my favourite kind of salad to take to work and just a couple of new potatoes done for around 5 mins in the mic make a nice little addition :) 4 PP for the potatoes, everything else free.

Probably my favourite tea of last week, something I haven't had before, something low in points, something filling, something tasty and something visually appetising! Fish is a great addition to a main meal as it is so low in points. This is haddock, and there is quite a lot of it (I felt pretty sick after clearing this plate I won't lie, but at least I didn't go looking for food later on that night!) with a simple salad and some boiled rice. And the pro points worked out for this? 0 for the salad, 5 for all of the fish and I think the rice was around 8ish I worked it out at. 5 points for that amount of fish I think it amazing! 

Staying on the subject of fish I wanted to just show you something I have been taking for lunch as it is simple to do in the microwave at work, it takes five minutes:

Internet pic I'm afraid as I can't say they look very nice once they've been cooked. They're something ridic like 2 pro points per fish. My only hate about them is how the bags explode in the mic, I don't mind at home so much but I try not to think about the mic at work, it makes me feel sick to think all those other people use it to cook sometimes rank food!! I've been taking these and pairing them with a salad usually, then the meal only comes to 2 points for the fish. Today with it being my weigh in day I just took one of these and three minuscule potatoes and it is so tasty! 

I also bought a pedometer tonight at Weight Watchers. £16.97 is pretty steep I think and you can obviously get them cheaper but the WW one works out how many activity points you have earned. How much do you think you walk a day? I'm pretty excited to find out tomorrow, by government standards you should aim to walk 5 miles a day which is the equivalent of 10000 steps. On a standard day I do around 45 mins walking to and from home to bus stop, then I have my walk to the bus stop from work which is quite far really, I usually go out on a lunch hour and walk around the shops and I work in an office with three flights of stairs that I'm often up and down all days so tomorrow should be interesting to find out! 

I'm looking forward to seeing my girls at the Aussie event on Saturday although also rather scared that everyone else going will be exercise buffs and I'll be all embarrassed doing the exercises! :( I bought some trainers for the first time in like 5 years or something yesterday! Will be so weird wearing them I tell you! Should just point out to my train/tube buddies that after all the bomb scare business in LDN yesterday ... I'm pretty damn scared! I'm trusting Briony and her ipad of Inbetweeners will calm me down on the way there ;) 

Are you going to the event on Saturday? How are diets going for everyone else? If you're blogging about your diet and don't know/think I read it please leave the link as I'm genuinely interested in reading all this diet inspiration at the mo! 



  1. Your food pics always make me so hungry.. exam-time is not a great time for healthy food sadly, but I do try my best! Your posts do motivate me though! :)

  2. ...same here your food pics made me hungry and reminded me to eat the fruit and veg sitting in my fridge.

    Amy xxx

  3. Haha I live in London and didn't even know there was a bomb scare..my bad! Shows what a hobbit I am at the moment - at home studying all day. Don't worry though...I know tubes can be a bit scary when they're packed, but the government have crazy intelligence it's so unlikely that anything would happen. Apparantly unlimited amounts of money go into intelligence, so where nhs or schools might get funding cuts, intelligence never would.
    Ok totally rambling, just my boyfriend always tells me all this stuff because I sometimes get nervous too, haha!
    Well done on losing so much weight!!! That fish dinner looks yum!
    Have fun in London :)

  4. I have been eating really well for a couple of days and have to keep it up as I want to lose some weight as I have noticed its gradually starting to creep on.

    You have done so well though x

  5. Well done on the loss, i'm so pleased for you after last week.
    I know for a fact that i don't walk 10000 steps a day! x

  6. congrats! All such healthy foodz, I just ate a cornetto and feel guilty

  7. Loving these diet posts :)
    I'm trying to start a little healthy eating kick too!! x

  8. omg i love haddock (always forget and call it "yellow fish"- how intelligent!).
    well done on your weight loss, what time will you be going to the xen tan event? x

  9. Your food pics look great! You're doing so well with the diet, so glad you got a good loss this week to keep you motivated, I know it's crap when you try hard and it doesn't show up straight away.

    Ellie x

  10. I'm on Weight Watchers too.. already lost almost 10kg. I do weigh myself every morning though. I always keep meaning to do a weight loss post and never get around to doing it lol Just be strong and you'll get there!! <3