Sunday, 8 May 2011

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind...Healthy Hair!

As you know I am an Aussie Angel and as I mentioned a few weeks ago am part of the Lusciously Lighter Self gang. Also, as you know I am currently at Weight Watchers trying to lose some weight and get fitter and healthier! 

The past few months I haven't been really doing the diet properly. Does everyone who is on a diet such as WW do this? Join, throw yourself into it and then just kinda s-l-o-w it down? I've still been going and haven't put weight on (apart from a pound) but I just haven't been doing it properly - eating rubbish all week and then starving myself Mondays and Tuesdays in time for Tuesday nights weigh in isn't the right way to do it I'm sure. 

So I will be using the Aussie challenge as a chance to throw myself back into this diet and lifestyle. I went out last Saturday night (30 April) and got so, so, so drunk. I barely remember the night, drank so much black sambucca and wine...and vodka....and sourz...literally so much. I kinda do that when I go out. I woke up on Sunday and although it wasn't the worst hangover in the world, to be truthful I barely had one, but when I started trying to remember the night I just couldn't...I picked my camera up and couldn't remember half the pictures on there, half of which were on the way out...I just thought to myself 


it's the 1 May, first day of a new month and time to start afresh! So from now on 

NO more drinking alcohol
NO more eating food unless it is pointed up via Weight Watchers
Go back to drinking NO full fat pop
Go back to getting the different bus home on a night thus a 25 minute walk rather than the usual 15 one (I know it's only ten more minutes but over the course of the week that is nearly an extra hour walking)

I have made a concious effort this week to do all of the above apart from the walking as my drunken antics on Saturday saw me fall over a number of times and my foot is seriously killing - I think I am going to have to go to the doctors about it as after a week it is still swollen looking and I can't put my full weight onto it :(  If when I get to weigh in on Tuesday night I find I have not lost any weight I will truly cry because I have done it so well. Heres a quick look at some of the food I have eaten this week:

 Jacket Potato, tuna, two different kind of salads and coleslaw

Chicken salad sandwiches on Weight Watchers bread - yesterdays lunch for me and my mum. 

When reading Sofia's Journal a few weeks back she mentioned the Easy Lunchbox and linked to this site which has lots of pages of lunchbox inspiration! I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on here before but tupperwear boxes really freak me out, I can't stand them and the thought of food enclosed in them makes me feel sick, I totally can't bear to wash one out if I ever have to use them but the look of a lot of these healthy dinners made me really want one. At £15+ for just three boxes I thought it was a bit steep, and then came across this one in Sainsburys:

It has a 'normal' lunchbox at the bottom, and then three separate compartments on the top. The singular compartment to the left of the picture actually comes with a flask, but sitting next to a water machine at work I didn't really see the point in wasting a space for food!

I DID get rid of all that fat on the palma ham, I would usually have tuna with this salad but I was rushing for work and just took this ham from the fridge!

I'm feeling really focused and feel like now I'm back on track with my eating my next step is exercise. I've only just managed to catch up with the first of three videos Aussie has sent us, featuring the ultra 'aussome' Elle with her exercise tips. Check it out here

Did anyone make it this far?! I feel like this is a bit of a mammoth are you other Angels getting on with the Challenge? 



  1. Your food looks yummy!! I love Jacket Potatoes with a side salad, definitely one of my favourite foods.

    Best of luck, you sound determined this time round, keep at it and you're sure to see results.

    Sadie xx

  2. Wow, I salute you for making all those commitments, but I know you can do it! That jacket potato looks yummy :) And if I ever make it to your part of Europe, we can watch "Serendipity" and that drink to our hearts' content out of celebration haha. 'Til then, hope everything goes a-okay with gettnig back on track :)

  3. Omg your salads look so yummy, you can definitely stick through this with that kind of yumminess haha! :) Luckily my body goes a bit nuts if I don't have veggies, and I do love yummy looking salads but I find veggies are so expensive compared to unhealthy food which makes things a bit difficult for a student!

    Best of luck love, and let us know how you get on :)

  4. That all looks so yummy!! I wish I could eat a bit more healthily x x

  5. Well done with the healthy eating - your meals look so yummy! Tuppawear boxes freak me out too, I think they make food look really unappetising but your pink lunchbox is really cute :) x

  6. I've just signed up to Weight Watchers online - I've even been keeping track of the juice I drink. Like you trying to stay really focused.

    Hope you do well too.

  7. Your food looks yummy!

    The lunchbox is a great idea...I may have to have a look in Sainsburys for one myself :)

    Good luck for weigh in...I haven't been sticking to Slimming World too well for the past couple of weeks (bank hols = chocolate, alcohol & eating all the wrong things!) and I'm pretty sure I've gained...will get it off next week though! :)

    Hope your foot gets better soon! xx

  8. I've never tried WW but the points system does seem genius as you have a good idea of portion control, which is something I struggle with!

    Good luck x

  9. Wow that lunch box is so cool, good luck with your weigh in xxx

  10. yummy i really need to get back on the healthy track xxxx

  11. yummy i really need to get back on the healthy track xxxx

  12. Good luck, I need to get back on track with healthy eating but when I am down I eat more !