Sunday, 24 April 2011

Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory have always been one of my favourite brands, I've tried a lot of products and have pretty much always been impressed with them. They're affordable and smell amazing! I bought the hatbox at Christmas and am currently working my way through the products I received in there, but one of my favourite things they do is this...

The Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a lip plumping lipgloss that makes your lips tingle and supposedly look a little bigger. I am kind of a sucker for anything lip plumping for the plain and simple fact that I love that tingley feeling! I have been through an absolute ton of these - not content with snapping up box after box in store (you can buy them singularly for around £8 I think or in a box of 3 for about £16? I just tried to find these on Boots to confirm but I can only see the single ones) I would buy any that I saw in blog sales, if I was browsing eBay I would bid on them - I was obsessed. And I wouldn't just wear them out, I would put it on before I went to bed - although to be honest this is actually something I still do. It sounds stupid but on a morning my lips are flaky and not smooth but when I've slept in this, because it's so thick, my lips are so so so smooth and lipstick just glides on!

About two weeks ago I saw this baby on offer in Boots and was quick to pick it up...

Soap & Glory Extreme Plumping Lipgloss. And now, I have no plans to ever purchase the original one again! I think this is an amazing product - so good that my tube is practically empty, I really have to squeeze it hard to get the gloss out. I can't think of a time I've ever used a lipgloss up SO fast!

Obviously the tubes are different but I think this is my favourite - I think the fact it has no applicator attached means its easier to apply over a lipstick, you can just dab on with a lip brush, where as the other bottle would drag the lipstick off. I think the taste is better too! The 'tingley' sensation is more than the original mother plucker but I obviously wouldn't say that was a bad thing!

This is available for £6.98 at the moment from Boots but usually retails at £10.47.

Have you tried this?



  1. I was looking at this at Boots the other day and was wondering if it's any different from the original one which I've had for some time... I think I'll go pick it up now.. esp now that it's 6 quid lol xx

  2. I'd never tried the Sexy Motherpuckers cuz I always see them on blogsales so assumed they weren't great.. but this is making me want to try them! What colour is the Extreme Plump?

  3. Cute blog! You've done really well!
    Would love your support for mine xo

  4. I'm obsessed with lip plumpers as well!My fiance is even intrigued to try them out, to see what they feel like, haha!
    Too faced lip injection extreme is really tingly and probably the most plumping i've ever tried... more than Soap & glory extreme plump. But it is more expensive - I think it's £18.xx

  5. @ Urban Mermaid - Yeah defo give it a try! Think I have to pick up a new one today! xx

    @ Yu - Its just white, not like proper boom in your face white, just not clear? Once you've rubbed it in it goes clear :) xx

  6. @ Miss Katatny - Thanks :)

    @ Katey - I really wanna try that one! Might get it when I get paid. Have you tried the Du Wop lip plumpers? xx