Wednesday, 27 April 2011

River Island Student Shop In!

Last September me and my brother went to the River Island Student Shop In in Leeds City Centre. It's an event that, if you own a student card (which I obviously don't but my brother does), you can go to the shop and it basically gives you 20% off everything. There's also a DJ and some free drinks being handed out, and a hell of a lot of people! It was packed and a bit stressful but actually a pretty good night (ended with a Nandos, standard).

River Island have released the dates for their next SSI...

Is your local up there, will you be popping along? This time I've had a little browse on the website and picked out a few things I'd be pleased to walk out with...

Top left, £44.99. Top right, £25.00. Bottom left, £29.99. Bottom right, £29.99.

Top left, £49.99. Top right, £14.99. Bottom left, £29.99. Bottom right, £44.99.

Left, £32.99. Right, £12.99.

I'm not sure I will end up getting any of this, the only thing I have actually seen IRL is the cardi at the bottom. I don't need any more cardigans I literally have a wardrobe full but I loved it as soon as I saw it! And I don't have an orange cardi, so it doesn't count, right? Some of the stuff I don't think will suit me and I know what I'm like anyway, I'll leave all of this and pick up a million other things.

Are you planning on going?



  1. I wish I was a student now but im not :-(
    I spend a ridiculous amount in River Island and always end up with too many of the same things like you!!

    Let us know what you get :-)

    x x

  2. I worked in the Newcastle one last year. MANIC! I was so so so tired by the end of my shift! aha.

    I don't work at RI now but I might go up to Newcastle to go along to it.


  3. Thanks for reminding me, have it written in my diary now! x

  4. I like River Island but hardly ever shop in there and I don't know why?


  5. ooo would have never known about this! I always wonder why they don't offer discount.

  6. I love that lots of shops do these special student events!

  7. Ooo that sounds like such a cool event! All high schoolers have here is a 'student price card' called SPC where you get discounts at certain stores - this sounds much neater! And I definitely don't think an orange cardigan counts, it'd be an awesome addition to your wardrobe. Can't wait to see what you find :)