Saturday, 9 April 2011

l-l-lady luck i need a little light

Apologies for the MIA behaviour in the past two weeks. My Nannie passed away on the 27th March and I haven't particularly been in the mood lately for blogging/keeping up. Need to throw myself back into it!

A few pictures from my phone that have been taken since the last time I wrote (or that I meant to post and forgot!).

Another picture of my Wangalike

St Patricks Day drinks with my friend in our after work pub

Starbucks with my homegirl Sinead

Pink Glitter Cupcakes with my Mummy

The first of about twenty birthday cakes at work in about two weeks - 50th birthday for my boss

The second

Shopping in Primark with Sinead

Justin Bieber <3

The horses I pulled out for todays Grand National from the work sweepstake. Character Building, Vic Venturi and Don't Push It.

Got lots of plans of posts in my head but April is seriously the buisest month ever, I have so much going on right now! Not particularly looking forward to this upcoming week as Monday is my Nannies funeral. Wednesday is yet another friends birthday and Saturday will be the night ou for the which I could do without to be honest for money reasons but trying to be postive about it and look forward to it! What is this week bringing for you? 

x x x


  1. Too many yummy things in this post & I definitely need a Wangalike.

    Sending hugs your way for Monday bb <3

    This week brings me an exam & far too many assignment deadlines...ugh.

  2. so sorry to hear about your nan my love xxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your nannie. Have a fab weekened x

  4. So sorry to hear about your nannie hun, hope this week goes ok.

    You look gorgeous in the pic with the red top and denim waistcoat - can definitely see that you have lost weight. x

  5. sorry to hear about your Nan.xx I do love that bag but I'd really love one in leather if I could afford it.x

  6. Sorry to hear about your nan hunny, hope you're ok. I am in love with the bag, think I might have to purchase one soon! Can't believe you and Sinead went to see the beiber as they would say on the only way is essex i'm super jel lol! and you look absolutely lovely in the pic of you in primarni!xxxx

  7. Sending lots of hugs & love your way for Monday xx

    I love having a frappo with chocolate chip shortbread from Starbucks! So yummy!

    Love your handbag! You look gorgeous in the pic with the red top :)


  8. aww really sorry to hear such sad news. My thoughts are with you xx

    I have that denim waistcoat but the darker version.

    Those cakes look yummy xx

  9. So sorry to hear about your nanny!xx

  10. Im so sorry to hear about your nan, sending you hugs!! :-)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I always kept up with yours while I was away so im glad you stuck with me :-) x x

  11. So sorry to hear about your nan hun xx

  12. i could eat this chocolate slice right now xx

  13. That WAng bag is such a darn close lookalike! What an awesome score!

    Btw- Haute Khuuture turns 1 today so I'm hosting my very first HUGE giveaway...I'd love to see you stop by if you have a moment :D

    Happy Weekend hun!


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