Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

The lovely Lisa Jane from The Brunette Diaries awarded me a couple of days ago with the Kreativ Blogger Award so i thought I would give this tag a go and award it to a few of my favourite blogs :) 

So the rules are to write ten facts about yourself then award ten other blogs with this award (and let them know!). So!

1. My most worn item of clothing has to be this unfortunately... this is totally what my drawers at home look like lol

2. Aside from New York the most favourite holiday I have been on was to Alvor in Portugal back in 2002. Nothing but happy memories!

3. Following on from number 2, the day before we flew to Alvor I spent my first ever wage on the following...

Yes a Bourjois lipgloss and the very first Clubland album - I know, I know, sounds very chavtastic. But this album will actually always remain in my favourite albums I've ever owned list. I swear to you, I can put it on and close my eyes and I am instantly back on holiday! You know that excited feeling you get? Yeah that! and likewise, that gorgeous smell all Bourjois lipglosses have takes me back. What can I say! 2002 was the year I left school, had my first holiday abroad other than being a baby and had my first job, turned 16, so many things!

4. Seriously, I have more love for this man than practically ANYONE. Total L-O-V-E.

5. I honestly can't take the fact that I'm 25 this year. WTF has the time gone???????????

6. The thought of driving terrifies me, I can't possibly imagine doing lessons again but in my head when I think of my future self I can drive. I just wonder when my current self is going to get to that point?

7. I am absolutely terrible at losing things. Or breaking things - literally everything I have just gets ruined. There's no way I can own nice, expensive things because I just ruin it all/lose it. This upsets me so much! I just can't seem to stop!

8. I'd love to live in the 1950's.

9. I am obsessed with stupid stories of the world ending - not in a good way, in a way that once I've read it I panic panic panic like no other, and will keep it to myself, i might ask people stupid questions about it but inside I secretly think it will happen this time, and when I was at school and everyone said the world would end in 2000 I literally was crying myself to sleep everynight and then one night could not take it and ran in crying to my mum and dad in the middle of the night! She told me to go back to sleep and i got told off in the morning. :(

10. I've just finished a Kinder Easter Bunny and am most disappointed with the toy. I used to love kinder toys! Have they always been this crap?

The ten people I am tagging are ten of my favourite girls/blogs!

1. Sinead 2. Paula. 3. Jo. 4. Phoebe. 5. Yu. 6. Anna. 7. Cowbiscuits. 8. Steph. 9. Liloo. 10. Briony.

Thanks Lisa :)



  1. Thanks gorgeous baby! I'll get round to doing it sometime soon. xxxx

  2. Thanks for tagging me love! Totally agree with you about the driving thing, I failed my test 3 times and refuse to get back into the drivers seat! xx

  3. HAHAHA 9 and 10 made me piss my pants.. almost. Thanks for tagging me love means so much! :)

  4. thanks for tagging me sweet sweet carlito :) i shall be doing it with pleasure xx

  5. awesome thankyou so much! :) xx

  6. Great post, love all the NY tshirts.

  7. I'm a little more convinved of the 2012 world ending than I have been at any other time... Thanks for the tag sweet will get round to it next week!

  8. Your welcome I love reading your blog. Great answers by the way.

    I too have that Clubland cd!