Monday, 18 April 2011


Lately I can't help thinking of how my blog was in 2009/10, when I really put my heart into it, tried to do posts every day, had a blogging notebook for christs sake, and didn't find it a chore to take photos. I didn't get my ass in gear, take loads of pictures and then totally forget I'd taken them, meaning when I remembered they were irrelevant. And I can't help thinking where that hunger as such has disappeared to!

I follow so many blogs that if I don't sign into google reader one day it goes up over 600+ and after a couple of days the thought of looking through the posts bores me. Back two years I commented on so so many new posts and likewise recieved a million more comments than I do these days. I am very much the kind of person who does get bored with things easily, but I began this blog way back in 2006 and I don't want to throw the trowel in now. I enjoy looking back from the beginning of my blog, thinking just how crap it was at the v start and learning to like the way I wrote but I feel like I'm coming full circle! I mean just scouring through some of the posts I have literally no idea how I managed to post as many posts as I did then or how I even got ideas to write about certain posts because now, well, I just have no imagination it seems. I know it's not like a written rule how often you have to post but I guess what I'm saying is I just wish I had the drive I did a few years back.  

Do you ever feel the same way? 

Looking back on my older posts, ones like this and this were the ones I enjoyed doing, so I'm going to try and take inspiration from my old self and re-start them again lol. (Although odds on how long it will take before this too bores me?)  So here goes with the 'Fablera' post. 

Greys Anatomy

As I write this I feel like some kind of family trauma has happened tonight, I cried so much at this. I'm only on Season 2, well I finished it tonight, but I love it! The only thing is I'm getting it from Love Film and I think this is one of those TV shows I need to have the DVD of to watch whenever the mood takes me, so I suspect I'll be purchasing these soon! 

Easter Eggs

We all know these are not the eggs I am talking about, although I think these would be a much better way to spend my time, rather than eating eggs. I've gone ages without being even bothered about this impending Easter Sunday but  with two small Cadburys eggs taunting a boring me I couldn't resist! 


Not that this is ever away from my list of loves in life, but clearing some old notebooks and papers at the weekend I found a list I'm compiled last year of all the places in America I would like to someday visit and it set me off scouring photographs until I was tired.

Hope you have had a fablera day xxx


  1. I feel uninspired sometimes and I've only had my blog a month...although there is loads I could write about I get distracted by other obsessions, like CSI :D. Looking forward to more posts from

  2. I am so with you, sometimes the photos and the piecing it all together and editing just leaves me feeling blah.....

    Greys on the other hand, oh my word. I started watching a few months ago and am now half way through series 5- WOW I am truly obsessed, you have so much stuff coming up on it!


  3. I know what you mean, when I first started out blogging I loved taking photos and writing posts, and I think my writing has got better I just have seemed to lack inspiration for posts and my blogging comes in bursts now.

    I think to enjoy your blog though you don't have to see it as a chore just something for enjoyment. xxx

  4. The two posts you linked were a lovely read! I hope you get back into it hun cuz I do love your blog :)

  5. I know what you mean sometimes as I think oh what can i blog about today???


  6. beautiful post :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  7. It totally stresses me out when my Reader gets out of control. WHICH happens every other day, it's tough!

  8. I feel similar sometimes but I'm determined for blogging to always be something I enjoy rather than a chore. If I feel uninspired I just don't post and don't go through any blogs for a few days. I don't feel I have to catch up on the hundreds of posts that have been made over that time as I simply can't be bothered so I just read the newest ones. :)

  9. Those glittery eggs are cute!