Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday 011

Evening lovlies

Hope you are all well. I'm about to call it a night ready for my Manchester adventure with Sinead tomorrow! Yes we are going to see:

Along with some shopping, eating and drinking along the way! Once tomorrow arrives I'll be looking forward to it immensely but right now I am stressed at my stupid little suitcase and what outfits to wear! I am such a stresshead!

A couple few other things making me happy this last week:


I did not purchase the much mentioned Groupon voucher (where you paid £9 and in return received a £20 voucher to spend at ASOS, therefore saving you a cool eleven quid!) although I wanted to (times are hard!) but I have been picking up some cans of diet coke to get me through stressful situations! If you pick up a can that has lip prints on it, under the ring pull you'll find a code. Register on Coke Zone, enter the code and see what you win - there are some pretty good money off vouchers, I've only got these ones so far though! 

I think these are great, especially since ASOS have started doing NARS make up which is something I really want to try! Although I suppose I should buy some new clothes for work really. The ASOS 'Working Wardrobe' section is my favourite bit to look at!


There have been a couple of free listing days lately (including today!) and I've put around 8 things on each time and every item has sold (OK, I lie, the Busted Live DVD didn't sell but it totally had watchers each time) which made me really happy! The biggest surprise was I literally managed to clear out stuff I did not think people would buy. Remember when I lost my camera? I'd only just bought it so of course I had the leads, charger etc, I just decided to put the charger on for £3 starting bid and free P+P and it rose to over £10! I also sold another camera charger for an old camera I have - I have been collecting chargers wherever I can find them now as they are always the kind of thing I usually just bin! Aside from making money, I then went and spent some on a bag - the 'Wangalike' Vipxo first mentioned. A hell of a lot of bloggers have since bought this so I won't bore you but it is most definitely love - 

My camera is so crap, the bag looks 10 x better than that - I recommend you click HERE to look at the gorgeous Phoebe's photos which are brilliant! My only gripe with it was no longer strap but I easily changed that by adding a strap from another bag I have! LOVE. Here's the original listing. I kinda want a grey one as well...


Reading always makes me happy but this week I finished I Heart Paris, and am halfway through I Remember You, which I'm loving. Sometimes there really is nothing better than curling up with a book. On Thursday I spent my lunch hour curled on a comfy armchair in Starbucks, reading and I loved it. Of course if would have been a million times better if the man behind the counter hadn't messed up my order and given me something rank to drink but thats by the by...

Have you been up to anything this weekend?



  1. Thanks for the mention :) glad you're enjoying the bag! Wish I had the time to read more, I have a huge 'must read' list.

  2. The stud bottom bag is gorgeous!! I'm an absolute sucker for anything studded.x

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