Thursday, 3 March 2011


A few of you said you would like to see how I am currently storing my make up so I took some photos at the weekend and I actually forgot to take a picture of the drawers themselves! They are from Ikea and are from the same range as this:

but in a thinner taller version with drawers instead of cupboards. There are six drawers and I cannot find a picture on the website of it so not sure if they don't sell it anymore or something.

In the top drawer I keep all my blushers, foundations, all facial make up products.

All my most used things are to the front in a neat order...the rest is just thrown messily in the back!

The second drawer holds all my eye make up:

I try and keep my many eyeliners in a colour co-ordinated kind of order but it always gets messed up after about a day...eyeliners are what I buy so many of and then forget all about them.

My third drawer is full of palettes and random stuff, tablets etc...

I've also go this which I meant to blog about ages ago, I got it when I went to the Vintage Fair in Haworth back in August. It's an old powder compact and I really want to use it but I never get round to sorting it out! 

Aside from one drawer full of notepads and stuff, the remaining two drawers are holding lipsticks and nail varnishes.

I'm extremely anal about the way I store my make up as in keeping brands together, and in most cases keeping the boxes - I think this looks so much nicer all lined up in boxes rather than just the lipsticks lined up! This way of keeping them is so much better than how I had them before as I can see what I have as soon as I open the drawer!

Looking back on that last post I did in August I'm a little shocked at how much my collection has grown since then...I had no idea I had spent so much money on make up since I moved home. Bit of  a wake up call!

Don't forget to link me to your storage posts so I can see how you store yours! Hope you didn't find this too boring!



  1. Love it gorgeous! Your mac lipstick collection is coming on nicely! But is that 3 viva glam gaga lipsticks i spy there my darling?! haha what are you like! & im anal too when it comes to lipstick boxes!

    LY xxxxxxx

  2. aahh Those are Helemr closeths by Ikea :) many pictures available usign that name!

  3. I want to live inside your nail polish drawer! x