Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday 009

It only feels like two minutes ago I was writing this last Saturday! It is currently so freezing that even though the heating is on full I am sat in a jumper and hoody shivering. I wanted to try start doing a Saturday FOTD at the beginning of each Saturday post but the camera on my battery is dead. The above picture was taken on Wednesday night when I went out for drinks and a curry. I had a good night but spent money I shouldn't have, went way overboard on the wine and suffered for it the next day, the no drinking pop ban had to end as two bottles of orange lucazade, a bottle of fanta and a can of pepsi max later I realised I clearly need carbonated drinks to bring me round! 

After two 'sessions' this week, meaning two days where I could barely focus at work, so tired and hungover, I was looking forward to having a lie in this weekend but instead I dragged myself up to be in Leeds for 9.30 to meet Kelly as I bought this beauty from her...

Pinched the piccie from Kelly when she was selling it as my battery is dead, but I love it! Can't wait to start using it, I've literally been wanting one for an age! 

Fanta and Crispy Rolls; practically all I ate and drank last weekend / Barry M Pink Flamingo, ASOS Double Cross Ring and new turquoise stone / What I've been eating for breakfast every day this week; Activia raspberry yogurt, small amount of Jordans Crunchy Oats and handful of dried cranberries / Seating plan for Leeds Grand Theatre; Jason Donovan is in The Sound of Music in June and I HAVE to go / Leftover murgh and potatoe curry and a naan bread from Wednesday, so Thursday's lunch! 

How is everyones Saturday going? 



  1. Arghh asif you got the bag from kelly!!! Bet your so excited to use it!!! Is it your first Louis?x

  2. Love your nails and those rings :o)

  3. Stop showing me pics of choc!! I STILL have a choc buttons addiction thanks to u lol xx