Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Seriously, I cannot believe we are in March already. It is getting brighter on a night and today, although it was cold it was lovely and sunny. I had a gorgeous lunch sat in the park reading my book, I loved it. 

I went to Weight Watchers tonight and, fully expecting to have put weight on after OD'ing on Milky Way Crispy Rolls or whatever they're called, found out I had lost 1 and a half! My total weight loss now is 13 pounds in 7 weeks perhaps, need to lose one more pound next week and I have my first stone award = very happy! Having a little treat by way of homemade rocky road tonight, although I feel really sick now :/ 

It looked a total mess after I'd cut it so I took a photo before hand! 

I'm going out tomorrow night after work for a few drinks, some food and lots of laughs. Really looking forward to it but unsure of what to wear! 

Have you had good Tuesdays? xxx


  1. That rocky road looks absolutely gorgeous! Im thinking you need to make us some for our little trip to Manchester honey! It can be our coach food!

    MASSIVE CONGRATS for losing 1 and a half pounds! So so proud of you babe! So close to a stone! You will break that barrier next week gorgeous!

    LY xxxxxxxxxx

  2. That rocky road looks LOVELY!

    Congrats on the weight loss :)

    Sarah xx

  3. i made rocky road this weekend, its all gone already!

    congrats on the weight loss that is fantastic! :) xxxxx

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! :) That's fantastic! I'm sure you'll get your 1 stone award easily next week!

    I have been doing Slimming World...was following it at home I had managed to lose almost 1 stone 7lbs but I'm struggling to lose more so I'm rejoining the groups on Monday!

    That rocky road looks sooo yummy!


  5. Well done !! Your doing so well :D ! I am now craving rocky road ...doh!

  6. yummmyyy :)



  7. looks delicious.xx


  8. Well done on losing the weight Carla thats loads that you've lost.
    That rocky road looks lush x

  9. That rocky road looks delicious. Yum.