Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dreaming of You

One of the things I am loving in shops at this present time is the colours - royal blues, gorgeous corals, floral prints. There are literally so many things I could spend my money on right now! I decided to do a post showing you some of my favourite things in shops at the moment, all coral colours as this is appealing to me most! I actually thought New Look would be my favourite as in store I feel like I'd like to do a kind of Supermarket Sweep type thing, but when I looked online not a lot appealed to me. I had a look on Dorothy Perkins, River Island, and, the one I loved most and felt depressed at the thought of not being able to spend a bomb, Topshop! 

Dorothy Perkins


River Island

The River Island bag I spotted ages ago when it came out, and I wanted to buy it straight away. I think it's beautiful, I thought it was more peachy IRL though from memory, I'm a little obsessed with crossover bags at the moment and it looks bit enough to be able to hold your (matching) purse and make up! The crossover bag I have barely holds anything which is so annoying. But now I've browsed Topshop I think I like their bag a bit better - it's not as girly, not as pretty, but it looks kinda perfect for everyday use. I'm turning into a bag obsessive :/ I absolutely love the girly dress, it will look so pretty in Summer. As you can probably tell I am loving blouses at the moment, they are everywhere and so pretty! I love the long grandad one from Topshop - it would look fab with a pair of leggings and heels dressed up. 

Which shops are you loving at the moment? 


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  1. I like the river island set the best, especially the bag and dress.
    Def let me know of any meets, i'd so be up for it xx