Thursday, 17 February 2011

Very belated weeks 5 and 6!

Hi girls

Well at the beginning of February I wanted to do a post a day....not going very well is it! Real life has kind of got in the way lately, had a lot of stuff going on and haven't had time to blog/catch up. I'm currently painting my nails and getting ready for my works late Christmas party tomorrow night, keep changing my mind as to whether I am excited about it or not! And I've realised that I am SO boring with painting my nails - I have over 100 polishes but I am obsessed with the one I mentioned here! The OPI Los Cabos Coral. It just goes with everything but I need to get out of this rut!

My Weight Watchers journey is going great, I've lost 11 1/2 pounds so far, I've been going for 5 weeks now I think so I am really pleased with it! Although to say I've almost lost a stone, I feel fatter than before I even started dieting, not sure how that makes sense :/ I am worried about what I will be drinking and eating at the party tomorrow, I ordered beef carpaccio for starter (I have to admit, the other choices for starters were eggs florentine, goats cheese tart and smoked salmon filled with cream cheese. Usually I would go for salmon as I love it but I hate cream cheese! I don't think I actually like beef carpaccio, but I thought if I ordered that and don't like it, I won't be able to eat it and will save ww points!), seabass and double chocolate cheesecake... and lots and lots of wine. 

I've bought a few goodies lately and will do some proper posts soon to show you. Did anyone buy anything from MAC's Wonder Woman collection today from Selfridges? I am completely skint and waiting until it is released on 3 March I do believe at MAC online and counters!

You know I hate doing posts without pictures. My Blackberry Curve broke before Christmas and the other day I uploaded all the piccies onto the laptop and thought I'd share a few with you! Hope you don't find them too boring lovies! 

1. I gave the keys to my flat to my brother one day; I came home to find every teddy I own in bed
2 and 3. My gorgeous cat Milo <3
4.  A Valentines card and rose Lauren snuck into my flat when I wasn't home last V Day

1 and 4. Me on my birthday and after work drinks
2 and 3. Me and Sinead at an Aussie event and our own drunken adventures <3

1. When I moved flats and my new fridge was ten times bigger than the old one, and I filled it with pop, lots of pop
2. The millions of DVDs Lauren bought me for my birthday last year...and a sheepy :) 
3 and 4. Two pairs of shoes I bought from Next and then had to return because of lack of funds :'(

1. Warm chicken ceaser salad
2. GORGEOUS Chicken topped with pepperoni and mozzerlla, cheese & pepperoni potato skins and salad *drooooolllll*
3. The worlds largest jacket potato with tuna cheese and salad. I hadn't eaten all day and actually remember eating it whilst watching CSI for two hours!
4. Nigella's 'crustless pizza'. Pretty yummy :)

1. Barry M Pink Flamingo and 3D Nail Stickers
3. Rimmel Climax and zebra stripes with liquid eyeliner
4.NYC Little Italy and Nails IncAspen - Halloween Nails <3

Various MAC hauls I deemed fit to photograph

The outer and inner of a gorgeous present from Aussie, and my hair in a top bun courtesy of Amber at the Aussie Markets in November

And finally, after a night out in November, I woke up to find my shoes like this...

I mean, WTF!! How is there mud all over the ankle bit but not on the heel or sole part?? It's like I dipped them in a puddle ankle part first? I despair of myself when I am drunk *shakes head*

Well done for still reading if you made it to this bit!!



  1. Well done on the weight loss hun, you're doing really, really well :). Love the pics, especially the one where your brother put all the bears in your bed, haha, love it!!

    As for the heel incident, i've had many drunken nights where i've thought WTF the morning after i can't remember *hangs head in shame*.


  2. Interesting post!

    ha ha @ the mud on the top part of the ankle boot!

    have a great belated xmas party and try not to worry about what you eating.. well done on the loss and you look as pretty as ever!!

    Hugs to ya ma girl

    Joanne xxx

  3. Hi Carla! I was thinking about you the other day! I love this post, especially the bears in bed! x