Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday 007

A couple of places I wish I was right now...

Do you ever get that feeling that sometimes, you just wish you could run away? I would love nothing more than to pack a bag and just leave for a short while, to enjoy myself in a country that makes my heart beat a little faster just thinking about it. 

My party on Friday was pretty rubbish. In fact as a whole, I can't remember the last time I felt so disappointed by an entire weekend. I just feel there is so much going on at the moment that I could make a list of, and love to cross it out as it got achieved; new job, make new friends, lose more weight, find someone, go on holiday, live elsewhere... It just feels like the list is endless and I can't quite make it to crossing out the things I want to. 

Yesterday was a day of recovering and regret and I kind of got lost in thinking about the past, which a lot of the time isn't a good thing.

I also finally caught up and got my reader down to 0! This was a great achievement as it has been over 1000 for a long time. So I rewarded myself with disc 2 of Big Love and Letters to Juliet, and the new episode of CSI NY of course. Does anyone watch Big Love? I only found out about it about 2 weeks ago and have only seen 5 episodes but I'm finding it quite interesting/enjoyable. I have a major girl crush on ChloĆ« Sevigny. 

What are you all up to this weekend? Have they been better than I've found mine? I'm going to see Usher tonight which the gorgeous Sinead assures me will be fantastic! 



  1. I know what you mean about wanting to get away for a while, living elsewhere etc, so hard to do realistically though isn't it? So expensive to get a property nowadays, more so on yourself, boo, i need a lotto win ;).

    Ooh jealous of you seeing Usher tonight, hope you have a fab time!!

    Sadie xx

  2. Hello gorgeous :)

    I felt a bit sad when reading this blog post :( gutted that you didnt enjoy your christmas party like you thought you would babe!

    You are well on the way to losing the weight that you want to lover, even though you are absolutely gorgeous as you are! Im ever so proud of you! Wish i could stick to it like you have my darling! Youve also got lots of lovely friends! && your going on holiday later this year! Youve got lots to look forward to, your only young honey so i wouldnt worry!

    Have an amazing time tonight at usher, i am so frickin jealous like you wouldnt believe! Wish we were going together!

    We also need to arrange our Bieber date :)

    Love you more than you will ever realise Carla


  3. Oooo very jealous of you seeing Usher =]

    I sometimes wish i could just run (or even fly) away! I have a list as long as my arm of the places i want to visit.

    Sorry to hear the party wasn't very good.

    Good luck with your weight loss xx

  4. Thats a shame about your party hun. I know how you feel, I always wish I could run away and start again. I did that when I went to uni but since then everything seems to have gotten loads more difficult. Good luck with your list, I hope things improve for you soon :)

    I do properly love Big Love! Can't believe more people don't watch it. Chloe is a goddess xxx

  5. Usher should be fun. I never watched big love, but i know a lot of people love it, and there's also a reality show similar to it.

    I feel you on your list, always feels like we could be doing more. Gorgeous pics. the 1st one reminds me of that movie Summer Lovers or something

  6. Aww Carla I also felt a little sad reading this, for every "bad" point you feel you have in your life you will have 5 more good points!! Enjoy usher tonight, I am very very very jealous, he is sex on legs!!
    Hopefully I will get to meet you soon lovely!! xxx