Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 008

Sunday: Usher Tickets / Monday: Packages from eBay ready to send / Tuesday: Cute little quote from my work calender - how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives / Wednesday: All I need at work! dried cranberries, Next Just Pink perfume and Coleen perfume, Naked hand/body cream, salt spray, shea body butter and cranberry dilute! <3 / Thursday: fruit scone with jam and cream / Friday - Red Thai Chicken and jalpeno on tomato bread - total nom / Saturday: As many false nails as I could find on my small shopping trip today

I tried to take pictures for every day this week, the camera on my phone is rubbish though! I can't wait to upgrade, although I do love Blackberrys I an excited to try out an iPhone. All week I've been thinking how fast this week has gone but now I'm thinking back on it I think I've changed my mind. Usher seems a million days ago, not 6. I had Monday off work which was lovely. I didn't lose any weight this week at Weight Watchers I stayed the same, but I did have the Christmas party on Friday and then v unhealthy food on Sunday night before the concert, so I'm quite pleased with that to be honest. This week is the first in ages I've not had anything planned at all so I was looking forward to tracking food properly and having no obstacles in the way but I don't know whats wrong with me this week, I am HUNGRY all the time. I went for a few drinks after work on Thursday as well, and then last night got a Chinese takeaway. I went into Morley today with my brother and Milky way Crispy Rolls were calling to me (I didn't think I even liked them) so I've had two of them today as well as a sandwich. I hopped on the scales and had put a pound on but I was in different clothes to what I get weighed in so *fingers crossed* if I pull back in tomorrow!

Apart from a little bit of shopping - to pick up some false nails pictured above - over the years I have tried SO many different types of nails, I used to always buy the 6.99 ones and one day just picked up on a whim some falsies from B & M.If you haven't heard of B & M it's one of those cheap shops like Home Bargains, where you can pick up a lot of stuff loads cheaper than in the supermarket! The nails were only 79p and I fully expected them to be shit really, but I've never had glue on nails so good - they're amazing! They do them in different finishes - French Manicure, with patterns on etc, I think I've seen about 10 different ones, but after trying them all I've realised that the pink ones with darker pink flowers printed on are the best - being a secretary I do 98% of my work on the computer and of course am on the laptop at home, plus I wear contacts and sometimes false nails are such a pain in the arse. I grow my first finger nails, just put falsies on the rest of my nails, once they're painted you can't tell the difference, but the pink ones are really natural and short. When I went today I literally raided the basket and took EVERY packed of pink ones. They've gone up (by a whole ten pence!) to 89p now but I would really recommend them. 

Anyway, apart from shopping all I've been doing today is trying to sort some more ebay goodies, clearing my old Blackberry off to send to Mazuma and catching up with Big Love (Roman REALLY creeps the hell outta me :/ ) and as it's almost 10 o clock I'm about to catch the latest episode of CSI NY! You know when I buy the boxset it literally takes me a week to watch the entire series, I get obsessed, I once woke up and thought, I'll watch an episode while eating brekkie, the next thing it was 2 o clock so I thought, seriously, one more with dinner then thats it...before I knew it it was actually midnight I had stayed in bed ALL DAY eating and watching CSI I mean WTF?! But when it's on TV I'm just like...meh? Unless the series just isn't as good as usual! Have you been watching? (Actually, at the time of posting this tonights episode has almost finished and it was ace! :) )

I've been listening to Kylie Minogue all day so today you can have my faves! When I was growing up I had a video of her hits and these were my favourite songs/videos - just you tubing them to link has made me get so many memories! 

and of course, this would hardly be complete without this beauty would it? Especially for You <3



  1. I frikkin' LOVE CSI! New York is my favourite :) My WeightWatcher's isn't super either, Chinese takeaway is awesome anyway :)

  2. I don't eat it enough, it is gorgeous! xxx

  3. Woop for Kylie
    And i went to see Usher last week at the o2. Free, mwahahaha
    Hope u r well doll xx

  4. Haha I've got so much love for old Kylie (not the stuff she releases now though!). Jammy .....

    Miss you xxxxx