Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rise like the tide, no need to hide

I had Monday off work this week and had a much needed clear out of shoes, clothes and general tidy up. My bedroom is pretty small (read: very) so I tend to start say, the beginning of a month, with everything, jewellery, hair things, make up etc all neatly put in its place, but as the month goes on I don't put it away and it all accumulates on the sides. I finally sorted out all my rings and put them in my jewellery box, and since I have an obsession with rings at the moment I thought I'd take some pictures to show you. 

The only problem with them being in my jewellery box is I always forget about them - on a morning before work I seriously don't wake up until 10 so it never enters my mind. That's why they accumulate I guess, then I see them and think oh! rings!

The majority of these rings you will most likely recognise as a lot are Primark, a few Next, Accessorize, River Island, H+M and ASOS. My current faves never off are the the owl (RI) green (Primark), double cross (ASOS), angel wings (Love Suzie) and the long one to the right (H+M). 

Have you any obsessions at the moment? I was thinking of doing a make up storage post as well if anyone is interested, I know I did one back in the Summer but I thought now I've moved it's all changed, so if anyone wants to see that let me know and I'll do one over the weekend. :) 



  1. I'm the same, I leave my jewelry box open cuz I forget.. and then I have the earring holder and blah it's all over the place!

    Yessss, make-up collection post please :)

  2. I always forget once I store mine, out of sight out of mind!

    Would love to see a make up collection always looking for new ways to store stuff :)

  3. Gorgeous collection of jewellery xx

  4. You've got some lovely rings :) I love the big bird!x

  5. Oh my gosh what a tidy collection!? We so want to get stuck in, we're totally ring obsessed as well!! <3

    T & J


  6. I wish I was as organised as you! My jewellery is just in a crazy ball of chains and rings and god knows what else! I've got an ongoing obsession with charms! I had some Thomas Sabo ones for Christmas a few years ago and I've been in love with ever since! :)

  7. I'm exactly the room isn't really that big, I'll have a tidy up, organize things etc. Give it a week and everything is on the sides and I'm having tantrums because I'm tripping over things or things are not in their right place! =P

    I love the rings! They're all so pretty...I've got a new found obsession with charms - the boy bought me a Thomas Sabo bracelet for my birthday back in June and I'm desperate to put lots of charms on it!

    Make Up storage post would be awesome :)


  8. Definitely, definitely do a makeup storage post! I love them because I'm a nosey cow, but its good to get a bit of inspiration from other people.

    Mine needs a major sort out, but I'm in a seriously lazy frame of mind at the moment so it won't be happening any time soon lol!


  9. Oh, you have a lovely collection!!!

    My obsession at the moment is building my summer wardrobe - I already have a few looks in mind! Makeup comes second right now, haha!