Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This week I decided to finally wear Nails Inc Denim, the polish you could pick up when buying two bottles of Coca Cola recently (perhaps the offer is still on now, I'm not too sure!). I'd seen this picture earlier in the week on someones Tumblr (didn't make a note of whos) and it got me thinking of GOSH Rainbow which I haven't used in a while.

When I got my polish out however I was so disappointed! It had totally dried up...

I could literally hold that brush in that stance for an hour and none of that product would have fallen off. I had to literally press it on my nails and hope for the best! Anyway heres what I ended up with...



  1. wow the rainbow polish looks amazing, it reminds me of opals.

  2. Love this look :)
    Stunning and stylish! <3

  3. Well the result looks gorgeous anyways! ;)