Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Belated IMATS goodies

As you know in January (almost a month ago! Sob) I travelled to London with Paula and Sinead for IMATS amongst other things. I had the best time ever although it really left me wanting to live in London :(

We arrived on Friday with plans to drop our bags off and head to Westfield but with not really much time we unpacked and got spruced up and headed to meet Steph. We headed to Covent Garden and ended up in Roadkill which I absolutely loved! Cocktails were on 2 for 1 until we left and we certainly took advantage!

After drinks and a little food and a lot of silly pictures in Covent Garden we headed elsewhere - I think it was Leicester Square!

On Saturday we had an early start to meet Sophie and get to Alexandra Palace. When we got in it wasn't too busy but after coming out of the You Tube talk it had filled up! 

I think we made it until about 12ish before we decided to call it a day - we were all really hungry, our feet were aching and we had spent too much money! We headed to Planet Hollywood and had a gorgeous burger and chips (and coldslaw!) and then went to do even more shopping in Selfridges and then Westfield. Seriously, at the end of the day I cannot believe how painful my feet were! I succumbed and bought a pair of Ugg boots and although that gave me comfort the aching soon returned! 

On Saturday night I had the best night - me, Sinead and Paula ordered a Chinese takeaway, put some Saturday night TV on and generally chilled out trying on our make up and watching You Tube videos!! It was brilliant. 

Sunday we checked out, had a fry up and then did a spot more shopping before getting some goodies for the train home. I was totally worn out but had the best weekend I have had in a long long time. Onto the make up goodies!

I was really excited to head to the Illamasqua stand, and a little let down when I saw what a small selection they had. But, I have never purchased any Illamasqua blushers despite having a list as long as my arm, so when I saw they had a pack containing four for £25 I picked it up. 

Expose hasn't been out of my make up bag since I brought it home! They also had a pack of four lipsticks for £20 which I picked up and actually had a bit of luck with. 

One of the colours was a very dark one, definitely a colour I would have tried to pass on to my mum or sell, but I thought it was still worth me getting these. When I got back to the hotel I found that this particular lipstick was actually broken. I was just pleased at first it wasn't one of the other colours, but in Selfridges on Sunday I decided on a whim to see what the counter said about it. He originally said he couldn't help me as he  worked for Selfridges not Illamasqua but then told me that I could swap it for a colour I wanted! I was so pleased! I picked 'Test'. 

I've swatched the lipsticks above. I only picked up one Crown Brush - the C431 Precision Detail brush. 

I picked up two nail varnishes which I am yet to use and two palettes from NYX. 

I also picked up an eyebrow kit which I LOVE. They had a special offer on where you got a free mascara and lipgloss and a bronzer which was usually £20 for £5, or something like that.

I only picked up two Lip Tars - Anime was on my wishlist from the day we decided to go to IMATS so I was pleased to pick this up, although I've barely had a chance to use it! 

When we nipped to Selfridges later I went to the Illamasqua stand and picked up..

I've been using this for a while now and while I do love it I find it so thick to use sometimes, does anyone use it? How do you apply it? 



  1. Oh my freaking god, first time ive seen that pic of me with all the cocktails! haha love it! Great post gorgeous girly! Was nice to reminisce on our weekend in London, need to do it again soon!

    Love you


  2. I am so jealous!!! I need to go next year! I don't think I would be able to contain my excitement been surrounded by all that make up! I neeeeed to come next year xx

  3. Love your Illamasqua and OCC purchases! Those cocktails look seriously yummy, definitely going to visit that bar next time I go out in Central London x

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time ! London is such a fab place and an ever better place to live ! x

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! I love going to London!

    I'd love to go to IMATS next year as I have never been...I'm hoping to go to Salon International this year though!

    Great post...I'm a new follower of your blog :)


  6. WOW you really spent!! Sounds like you had a wicked weekend down saaaarf. Hope I don't lose you to it too soon :)