Monday, 28 February 2011


I know Peacocky is old news now as it's been out ages and everyone (including me) is more excited about the Wonder Woman collection but I still took pictures and wanted to show you what I picked up. 

I originally started off with a very long list of shadows I wanted but in the end when it was put online I narrowed it down to just two - Sexpectations and Paparzz-she. 

I wanted Sexpectations as soon as I saw it because I love colours like that - it's like a deep reddy, rusty colour, similar to Cranberry which is a shadow I've wanted for ages but never got round to picking up. Wnen I saw swatches on Temptalia I wanted originally Odalisque and Paparazz-she looked gorgeous next to it. I decided against picking up Odalisque because it looked quite dupable from what I have in my collection already so I left it behind! I have to say when I got these I was a little disappointed with the colour payoff...sometimes I love Mac shadows and other times I don't think you can tell the difference in the quality and pay off from other cheaper brands. I do like them and I have used them but I was glad I hadn't picked up half the collection like I wanted to when I first saw it. 

BUT then I went to Manchester to see Russell Howard and no trip would have been complete without a trip to Selfridges and when I saw the rest of the collection and swatched a few things I couldn't resist picking up two more things. 

I am a total sucker for blue eyeshadows, I have loads and to be honest I rock blue eyes a hell of a lot! I know some people don't like them, some people hate them and sometimes (especially at the end of a night) it can look like you're 6 and have had a play in your Mummys make up bag but I love them. So Dandizette was mine at first swatch! I did want to pick up a lipcolour but thought better of it, then seeing them made me want just one, they are different to glosses and the one I settled on, So Vain, really reminds me of the Lip Tar colour I picked up at IMATS, can't remember what shade. But really, I kinda wish I'd saved my £15 or whatever it was. I've had these almost a month now and I had actually totally forgotten about it until I went to take pics yesterday. How bad is that? I've used it once. It is a nice colour though. 

Did you pick anything up from this collection? What did you think of it?


Sunday, 27 February 2011

When it's been out of sight and out of mind for such a long time, that's how one forgets

Hi lovlies

Hope you have all had nice weekends. I have not done much today, apart from list some things on eBay while it's free listings (ends tonight), paint my nails, I made some yummy rocky road which is confined to the fridge until after I've been weighed!

I watched Remember Me tonight, omg I cried like a baby at the end!

Has anyone seen it? I honestly don't remember reading any reviews which gave the ending away or mentioned it was more than a little sad! Although then again I didn't actually know what it was about. The whole reason I joined Love Film was because I have so many DVDs on my Amazon wishlist and I thought I should rent them before buying them, I think I'm going to put this film back on the wishlist to buy when I get some spare cash as I did like it. 

I had the craziest dream last night that Nicki Minaj was in my back garden, and I just couldn't believe it, then I went upstairs to a flat and someone had broken in, I looked in a very messy bedroom and found Ste from Hollyoaks shooting up on the balcony was so weird

I might wear my Nicki Minaj lippie tomorrow for work - I'm too scared to actually wear it in case I lose it (I lose everything) but maybe tomorrow I might bring it out lol.. 

I was having a read of the DM earlier and saw an article about Jennifer Hudson - can you believe how much weight she has lost? 

I think she is so gorgeous, I was just trying to find some pictures of her when she was bigger and she always dresses so stylishly and beautifully. The above two photographs are amazing. I also just came across her blog for Weight Watchers, not sure if anyone is interested in giving it a read but I found it quite good reading some of the problems she has just like the rest of us. It's here if you want to have a look.  One disgusting this was (quite unsurprisingly) some of the comments on the Daily Mail story. The commenters on that website are complete pricks! Some saying (referring to the last pic I posted) how gross it was that she hadn't put a jacket on as all they were looking at was her stretch marks on her arms! Yeah, cos that's SO much more noticeable than the fact she's dropped 80 pounds...

Are you a J-Hud fan? 


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 008

Sunday: Usher Tickets / Monday: Packages from eBay ready to send / Tuesday: Cute little quote from my work calender - how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives / Wednesday: All I need at work! dried cranberries, Next Just Pink perfume and Coleen perfume, Naked hand/body cream, salt spray, shea body butter and cranberry dilute! <3 / Thursday: fruit scone with jam and cream / Friday - Red Thai Chicken and jalpeno on tomato bread - total nom / Saturday: As many false nails as I could find on my small shopping trip today

I tried to take pictures for every day this week, the camera on my phone is rubbish though! I can't wait to upgrade, although I do love Blackberrys I an excited to try out an iPhone. All week I've been thinking how fast this week has gone but now I'm thinking back on it I think I've changed my mind. Usher seems a million days ago, not 6. I had Monday off work which was lovely. I didn't lose any weight this week at Weight Watchers I stayed the same, but I did have the Christmas party on Friday and then v unhealthy food on Sunday night before the concert, so I'm quite pleased with that to be honest. This week is the first in ages I've not had anything planned at all so I was looking forward to tracking food properly and having no obstacles in the way but I don't know whats wrong with me this week, I am HUNGRY all the time. I went for a few drinks after work on Thursday as well, and then last night got a Chinese takeaway. I went into Morley today with my brother and Milky way Crispy Rolls were calling to me (I didn't think I even liked them) so I've had two of them today as well as a sandwich. I hopped on the scales and had put a pound on but I was in different clothes to what I get weighed in so *fingers crossed* if I pull back in tomorrow!

Apart from a little bit of shopping - to pick up some false nails pictured above - over the years I have tried SO many different types of nails, I used to always buy the 6.99 ones and one day just picked up on a whim some falsies from B & M.If you haven't heard of B & M it's one of those cheap shops like Home Bargains, where you can pick up a lot of stuff loads cheaper than in the supermarket! The nails were only 79p and I fully expected them to be shit really, but I've never had glue on nails so good - they're amazing! They do them in different finishes - French Manicure, with patterns on etc, I think I've seen about 10 different ones, but after trying them all I've realised that the pink ones with darker pink flowers printed on are the best - being a secretary I do 98% of my work on the computer and of course am on the laptop at home, plus I wear contacts and sometimes false nails are such a pain in the arse. I grow my first finger nails, just put falsies on the rest of my nails, once they're painted you can't tell the difference, but the pink ones are really natural and short. When I went today I literally raided the basket and took EVERY packed of pink ones. They've gone up (by a whole ten pence!) to 89p now but I would really recommend them. 

Anyway, apart from shopping all I've been doing today is trying to sort some more ebay goodies, clearing my old Blackberry off to send to Mazuma and catching up with Big Love (Roman REALLY creeps the hell outta me :/ ) and as it's almost 10 o clock I'm about to catch the latest episode of CSI NY! You know when I buy the boxset it literally takes me a week to watch the entire series, I get obsessed, I once woke up and thought, I'll watch an episode while eating brekkie, the next thing it was 2 o clock so I thought, seriously, one more with dinner then thats it...before I knew it it was actually midnight I had stayed in bed ALL DAY eating and watching CSI I mean WTF?! But when it's on TV I'm just like...meh? Unless the series just isn't as good as usual! Have you been watching? (Actually, at the time of posting this tonights episode has almost finished and it was ace! :) )

I've been listening to Kylie Minogue all day so today you can have my faves! When I was growing up I had a video of her hits and these were my favourite songs/videos - just you tubing them to link has made me get so many memories! 

and of course, this would hardly be complete without this beauty would it? Especially for You <3


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rise like the tide, no need to hide

I had Monday off work this week and had a much needed clear out of shoes, clothes and general tidy up. My bedroom is pretty small (read: very) so I tend to start say, the beginning of a month, with everything, jewellery, hair things, make up etc all neatly put in its place, but as the month goes on I don't put it away and it all accumulates on the sides. I finally sorted out all my rings and put them in my jewellery box, and since I have an obsession with rings at the moment I thought I'd take some pictures to show you. 

The only problem with them being in my jewellery box is I always forget about them - on a morning before work I seriously don't wake up until 10 so it never enters my mind. That's why they accumulate I guess, then I see them and think oh! rings!

The majority of these rings you will most likely recognise as a lot are Primark, a few Next, Accessorize, River Island, H+M and ASOS. My current faves never off are the the owl (RI) green (Primark), double cross (ASOS), angel wings (Love Suzie) and the long one to the right (H+M). 

Have you any obsessions at the moment? I was thinking of doing a make up storage post as well if anyone is interested, I know I did one back in the Summer but I thought now I've moved it's all changed, so if anyone wants to see that let me know and I'll do one over the weekend. :) 


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This week I decided to finally wear Nails Inc Denim, the polish you could pick up when buying two bottles of Coca Cola recently (perhaps the offer is still on now, I'm not too sure!). I'd seen this picture earlier in the week on someones Tumblr (didn't make a note of whos) and it got me thinking of GOSH Rainbow which I haven't used in a while.

When I got my polish out however I was so disappointed! It had totally dried up...

I could literally hold that brush in that stance for an hour and none of that product would have fallen off. I had to literally press it on my nails and hope for the best! Anyway heres what I ended up with...


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Belated IMATS goodies

As you know in January (almost a month ago! Sob) I travelled to London with Paula and Sinead for IMATS amongst other things. I had the best time ever although it really left me wanting to live in London :(

We arrived on Friday with plans to drop our bags off and head to Westfield but with not really much time we unpacked and got spruced up and headed to meet Steph. We headed to Covent Garden and ended up in Roadkill which I absolutely loved! Cocktails were on 2 for 1 until we left and we certainly took advantage!

After drinks and a little food and a lot of silly pictures in Covent Garden we headed elsewhere - I think it was Leicester Square!

On Saturday we had an early start to meet Sophie and get to Alexandra Palace. When we got in it wasn't too busy but after coming out of the You Tube talk it had filled up! 

I think we made it until about 12ish before we decided to call it a day - we were all really hungry, our feet were aching and we had spent too much money! We headed to Planet Hollywood and had a gorgeous burger and chips (and coldslaw!) and then went to do even more shopping in Selfridges and then Westfield. Seriously, at the end of the day I cannot believe how painful my feet were! I succumbed and bought a pair of Ugg boots and although that gave me comfort the aching soon returned! 

On Saturday night I had the best night - me, Sinead and Paula ordered a Chinese takeaway, put some Saturday night TV on and generally chilled out trying on our make up and watching You Tube videos!! It was brilliant. 

Sunday we checked out, had a fry up and then did a spot more shopping before getting some goodies for the train home. I was totally worn out but had the best weekend I have had in a long long time. Onto the make up goodies!

I was really excited to head to the Illamasqua stand, and a little let down when I saw what a small selection they had. But, I have never purchased any Illamasqua blushers despite having a list as long as my arm, so when I saw they had a pack containing four for £25 I picked it up. 

Expose hasn't been out of my make up bag since I brought it home! They also had a pack of four lipsticks for £20 which I picked up and actually had a bit of luck with. 

One of the colours was a very dark one, definitely a colour I would have tried to pass on to my mum or sell, but I thought it was still worth me getting these. When I got back to the hotel I found that this particular lipstick was actually broken. I was just pleased at first it wasn't one of the other colours, but in Selfridges on Sunday I decided on a whim to see what the counter said about it. He originally said he couldn't help me as he  worked for Selfridges not Illamasqua but then told me that I could swap it for a colour I wanted! I was so pleased! I picked 'Test'. 

I've swatched the lipsticks above. I only picked up one Crown Brush - the C431 Precision Detail brush. 

I picked up two nail varnishes which I am yet to use and two palettes from NYX. 

I also picked up an eyebrow kit which I LOVE. They had a special offer on where you got a free mascara and lipgloss and a bronzer which was usually £20 for £5, or something like that.

I only picked up two Lip Tars - Anime was on my wishlist from the day we decided to go to IMATS so I was pleased to pick this up, although I've barely had a chance to use it! 

When we nipped to Selfridges later I went to the Illamasqua stand and picked up..

I've been using this for a while now and while I do love it I find it so thick to use sometimes, does anyone use it? How do you apply it? 


Monday, 21 February 2011

Yeahhh Man

Hey lovlies

So last night as I said I went to see the gorgeous Usher with my friend Lauren at Manchester Evening News Arena.

I obviously wanted to see Usher and have been a fan of his for a long time but a major reason in me wanting to go see him on his OMG Tour was being Trey Songz was supporting him. I booked my tickets and then found out that Trey was actually supporting in America and it was Tinchy Stryder supporting in England :(

I know who I would have rather seen :'(

Anyway, after the boring intro by Tinchy (There was just no way I could have enjoyed his set knowing that another country got Trey, Akon and Tinie) Usher appeared and it was as good as I expected!

My latest favourite song is Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home), I think since Raymond V Raymond came out I have listened to it non stop! I love it and was so so pleased when he sang it. He sang lots of old stuff too and then did a little medley of Confessions, My Boo, I Need A Girl and Lovers and Friends. I had actually forgotten that he sang on I Need A Girl and Lovers and Friends because he's just featured on them, I absolutely love them! Needless to say we had Usher blasting out all the way home and as Lauren said this morning on a text 'I am going to listen to my Usher CD's all week and forever more' LOL! 

I'll leave you with just a few pics I took; I took about twenty million! 

I also want to try and get into the habit of doing outfit posts, or FOTD's, but I really struggle with my camera, I think it's rubbish! 

Skirt - H+M
Vest top - H+M
Cardigan - George @ Asda
Scarf - Primark
Neclace - River Island