Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday 003

Hi everyone

I've been very lazy this week on the blogging front - I've had a lot going on this week so haven't caught up on a lot of blogs, and I'm finding it extremely hard to write this one - I've had this page open on my dashboard for about 4 hours and I have written nothing! 

Todays been a weird day, I went out last night into Leeds for a few (read: lot) drinks, we were supposed to be going to Akbars but never actually made it. I was looking forward to it and could eat it now SO much but truth be told I am kinda glad I didn't end up going - it makes my worries about Weight Watchers easier. And it also means I've been ultra good this week, not going into any 49 points. I'm so hungry today though! Made it through the hangover surviving on diet coke and Weight Watchers Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps - gorgeous! 

But the thing that made it a weird and horrible day (along with the hangover) was the fact that - remember this post? The one where I asked for help choosing a camera, then went ahead and purchased the Canon? I haven't had chance to play with it yet so I took it out with me last night and lost it. I've basically taken £120 and thrown it away - I am absolutely gutted and tears have been shed :( 

My internet provider gets changed tomorrow and hopefully should go smoothly but if it doesn't go to plan I will be AWOL again next week! 

I'm super excited for this upcoming week - a four day working week for me, tomorrow I'm sleeping at a friends which will be nice, Tuesday is weigh in which I am also looking forward to. I'd love to lose 4 pounds because if I did I would get my 5% but I highly doubt I will. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday I get to spend time with my gorgeous bloggy friends and I cannot wait! On Friday me, Sinead and Paula are going to travel to London, later that day we are meeting up with Steph and going to Westfield, Saturday is IMATs! I've never been before but am looking forward to it a lot! Hopefully I will be able to meet up with lots of people - are you going to IMATs? 

I've been looking for some suitable footwear to wear while I'm there, I hate my military boots but I do wear them everyday and the idea of having to wear them in London is not a good one. I'm thinking of travelling in them and then changing footwear when I get there - I have spotted these today:

I'm going to go have a look tomorrow and hope I get lucky! Although I don't particularly have any money left because I am going to have to now buy a new camera, I want one before Friday. :( 

I don't have any listening or reading this week as like I say I haven't been reading blogs. I did watch this week Date Night and Revolutionary Road - one a bit crap, one a bit weird! My old crush on Leonardo Di Caprio has been resurrected though!



  1. Bummer regarding your camera :(, i hate losing stuff, especially when it's expensive.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend in London.


  2. argh what bad luck! Have you rung around everywhere you went? It's suprising how many cameras get abandoned in night clubs without getting nicked...

    Hope you have fun at IMATS looking forward to hearing about your weekend :)

  3. Aw hun that sucks about your camera :( But at least you have a lovely weekend planned at IMATS! Can't wait to hear what you and the girls get up to! xx

  4. oh no hun! so sorry to hear about your camera, definitely have a ring round and see if you can find it, I once lost my phone on a night out and it had been handed in in a club so there is hope!
    Have an amazing weekend at IMATS, can't wait to see the pictures!xxx

  5. Ooo this place looks so different! It's definitely been a while lady, I miss you - and I'd love to share some brownies with you over a movie marathon night haha.

    So sorry to hear about your camera, that sucks so much :( But I do hope you get your hands on a lovely new camera and those booties, because they're gorgeous!